05 November 2014

Blog plans

I wanted to write a short post about how I have planned to write this blog. Obviously plans can change and most likely will, but this is as for now.

So far I have planned three different types of blog posts. First (and foremost) are the country-specific posts. Since I started this blog to write about music from different countries, I think most of my post will be these. One post will consist of average 2-5 songs from a certain country, from (one or) multiple artists. These songs may have some common theme, like genre, but they can also be just random songs from that country. I will number these post with # (i.e. Finland #1).

Other type of post will be favourite artist posts. This simply means that I will dedicate the post for a certain singer or band. I'll tell why I like them and post few songs by them. These usually count towards the country-specific posts too. And lastly, theme posts. These posts will have different music-related themes, in example music from movies or Christmas music. These usually won't be limited on just one country.

In short, that's what I have planned. Hopefully this made even some sense. I will put a YouTube or such video about the songs I write, but it is possible that those get removed. If there is any links or embedded videos that don't work, I will change them when I notice, so I'll appreciate if anyone finding those could notify me. All suggestions for this blog are also highly appreciated!

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