13 November 2014

Favourite artists: Ayumi Hamasaki. Japan #1

It's time for my first favourite artists post. And we are heading to Japan.

This post's artist is Ayumi Hamasaki. Whose fan I have been for almost ten years, if not already ten years. I remember coming across some of her songs through a online forum, if memory serves someone used them as theme music for her/his fan fiction story/stories. I fell in love immediately. I don't remember exactly which song was first, but I believe it was either evolution or GAME. [Note the Japanese way to randomly capitalize or lowercase words/letters. Which doesn't seem so common anymore.]

[Unfortunately, some Japanese record labels don't release full music videos online and get the ones uploaded by users removed, so these are only short clips.]

GAME is actually still my favourite song of hers. After these songs, I obviously had to hear more and eventually she became my favourite singer. She was only Japanese artist I listened back then, so she really stood out. I still love her music and count her amongst my ultimate favourites. Even though I tend to prefer her older songs, maybe for nostalgic reasons.

It was pretty hard to choose songs for this post since she has so many (her first actual singles were released 1998) and my favourites keep changing. These are few of my top favourites.

Ayumi was the reason why I got into Japanese music and from there into other East Asian music. And also led me to find out about music beyond the usual popular songs in Europe. So, she is a huge musical influence for me, and also for this blog.

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