21 November 2014

First European country: Ukraine #1

Today we are heading to Ukraine. Not because it is a current topic at the moment, but because I've been lately drawn to Ukrainian music (or maybe that's because it is a current topic?).

First of, an artist who presented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013: Zlata Ognevich. Her Eurovision song was called Gravity and she placed third in the final.

I liked Gravity a lot, so I looked for more songs of her. And was not disappointed. She has many good songs, from which I like the most a song called Kukushka, КУКУШКА in Ukrainian. Google translate tells that the title translates into "Cuckoo", which explains those cuckoo sounds in the song (which I BTW like a lot).

Next up is a band called Nu Virgos, also known by name VIA Gra, ВИА Гра in Ukrainian. As you can guess from the names, this band's style a bit, or a bit more, raunchy. On a side note, I wonder, are most of Ukrainian music videos really this much sexually explicit or have I just happened to come across mostly this kind of videos? Anyways...

My favourite song from the band is called Potselui, Поцелуи in Ukrainian. It translates into "Kisses" and Wikipedia tells that this song charted number one in Ukraine and Russia, number two in Latvia. This was actually one of my favourite songs last year (this song was released in 2007, but I first heard it last year).

One other song I like from them is called Brillianty, Бриллианты in Ukrainian. It translates into "Diamonds", as you could guess from the video. Nu Virgos has actually had bunch of different line-ups, so only one of the women seen in this video is same as in Potselui.

Some of the many members of Nu Virgos have gone into having successful solo careers. One of these is Vera Brezhneva. She is one of the women in Brillianty. I think her songs, at least those I have heard, have kinda exotic, not very Ukrainian sound. I like her song Lyubov' spaset mir, Любовь спасет мир in Ukrainian. Which means "Love will save the world" in English.

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