16 November 2014

J-pop & I

After my latest post, I felt it was a good idea to write more about my relationship with J-pop (Japanese pop music) since that is the genre I will probably end up writing the most about.

To start with here's a random song that was one of the first Japanese songs (if not the first) I heard besides Ayumi Hamasaki. It's a bit weird, but cute. Asuka Hinoi:

In my previous post (which you can read here), I told how I came across Ayumi Hamasaki and became a huge fan. For quite few years she was the only Japanese (or non-Western on that matter) artist I listened to. During that time I listened to some random Japanese songs, from which the song above is the only one I can remember, but not much and never became a fan.

That changed in 2010. I loved Japanese music (aka Ayumi back then) and I loved girl groups (have ever since I was little), so I thought I must "superlove" Japanese girl groups. Well, I was right. I googled for Japanese girl groups and first one I came across to was Morning Musume. I will eventually write more specifically about this in a Morning Musume post, so now let's just say that this is where my Asian girl group obsession began.

Here's the first Morning Musume song I heard:

After Morning Musume I went on to find more Japanese groups and also solo artists to listen to. It opened a whole new world for me; From Japanese I expanded on Korean, Taiwanese, Thai... From Japanese music I mostly listen to J-pop, but sometimes also other genres like J-rock and J-rap.

So, that's the story how I fell in love with J-pop. By itself this post may not seem that important, but it is an important part of the background story of this blog, since J-pop was the first step on my "journey around the world with music". And it may be relevant for me to link back to this post in my future J-pop posts.

[The songs chosen for this post are just songs that were somehow related to this post. They don't mean to represent the entire genre of J-pop, which is very extensive with all kinds of different songs form ├╝ber-cute bubblegum pop to dark, nearly rock, kind of pop.]

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