24 November 2014

Sex & crime: Colombia #1

Today's post's music comes from Colombia.

At first, I'd like to comment the title of this post: Sex and crime. Those two words are the ones that come first into my head when thinking about Colombian music, or particularly Colombian music videos. Well, sex is pretty common theme in music videos, especially in western world, but in this context I was more of meaning prostitution. Because with Colombian music I keep coming across to music videos that have a theme of prostitution and/or crime. Maybe this could be same thing as with Ukraine and I just happen to come across this type of videos, or maybe these theme selections tell something about the culture of Colombia?

I don't want to get too deep in this blog, so let's get to the music now... Starting with a classic song that a Colombian post must have:

It is Shakira, of course. I think I can safely say that Whenever, Wherever is the first Colombian song I ever heard and it's the same case for many others too. It is probably one of the best known Colombian songs around the world. For me this song is a classic that brings a lot of memories.

But my favourite Shakira song is Las De La IntuiciĆ³n. I think I overall prefer her Spanish songs over her English songs. Her voice goes so well with Spanish.

Next up comes a song that I heard on a telenovela called "Sin Tetas No Hay ParaĆ­so". According to Wikipedia, the title of the show translates into "Without Tits There Is No Paradise" and it's about prostitution (back to the subject, it seems...). This song's music video is sort of dark, maybe that's at least partly because of the telenovela (this was the theme song). This song is called Agujero and it translates into "Hole", and it is performed by Jox. I really love this song and I also recommend the telenovela if you ever get a chance to watch it.

Here is also a link to the version that was on the telenovela: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz36pP0T6zQ

The last songs of this post come from Naty Botero. She is a newer find for me. Even though I find her songs a bit weird, I still think they are awesome. And her videos are even weirder. The first song is called Te Quiero Mucho ("I Love You A Lot") and second DINOSAURIO ("Dinosaur", obviously).

Since I don't understand Spanish enough, I don't know exactly what she sings about. I just feel that the name of the first song doesn't go along with the theme of the music video (crime and prostitution, for a change). And what does a dinosaur have to do with the second song since she seems to sing something about Cuba and Marijuana? Of course I could read the translated lyrics, but I always fear that it would ruin the song for me. So, I think I'll stay in this interesting state of uncertainty.

Here we go with two of the weirdest (weird doesn't equal bad) music videos I've seen in a while:

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