01 November 2014

Starting a music blog

Hello world! (Wow, maybe a bit too cliché start for my liking...)

I am here to finally start a blog. Or actually I am starting TWO blogs. My other blog is sort of a lifestyle blog, but this one, as you can guess by its name, is music related blog.


I have wanted a blog for years, mainly to record and share my experiences, but it took me this long to finally start. When I was planning my blog some time ago, I came across an important question: What will be my blog's niche? I read many comments and articles saying that every blog should have a niche. I was planning to start a blog that really didn't have a niche, but the things I read got me wondering; Maybe I should have a niche?

This got me questioning my blog for a long time. What would my niche be? I am horrible at make-up. I have no interest in fashion. I am not that good at making up recipes. I am not a mother. All the usual blog ideas just weren't for me. Am I really not good at anything blog-worthy? Then I came across an article or something telling people to blog about what they are passion about. My thoughts went something like this: "What am I passion about? Music. But you can't blog about music. ... Actually, why not? Of course you can! There are probably lots of music blogs out there. ... !!!". And so I had my niche.


All kinds of! Like the blog's name states: music from all around the world. I love finding new songs and artists that I like. In recent years I have gotten more and more interested on finding music from new countries. I wish to explore what kinds of music they make in all parts of this planet. I wish to go beyond charts and gossip magazine fame. I want to find good music, whether it comes from a big music industry country or a tiny country that most haven't even heard of, or anything between and beyond those. And then share my findings in this blog in hopes that somebody will hear something they like!

I am not limited by a genre or a language. If a song is good then it it good. I currently listen mostly western and far eastern music with a slight obsession with J-pop and K-pop. A big percent of what I listen to consists of far eastern girl groups, but even if you're not a fan of this kind of music I wouldn't be put off by this: I have favourites in all genres from rap to opera, from heavy rock to bubblegum pop. And since this blog is about all kinds of music, I want to write as extensively as possibly.

I face all music open-minded and am not afraid to like or write about songs/artists that some might find embarrassing or stupid. I very happily receive song/artist recommendations, so feel free to send those to me through comments or Twitter!

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