09 November 2014

Starting point: Vanuatu #1

When I thought about what I should write my first actual music post about, I felt that I should write about something meaningful. And I felt that these couple of songs fit that purpose.

Few years ago I wanted to find music from somewhere more random. Back then I pretty much listened to just music from western countries and couple East Asian countries. So there were lots of countries so choose from. I decided I wanted to pick some singer from a small African or Oceanian country because those regions I was not familiar with (besides Australia). I don't remember how I exactly ended up picking Vanuatu. I googled for artists from Vanuatu and come across this one, Vanessa Quai.

These are the two songs I first heard from her:

I usually don't listen to this kind of music, but I really like these. I listened these many times back then, but then forgot about them (as it usually happens with songs after a while). Now this blog reminded me about these and I listened to these again and they maybe sound even better than few years ago. And I even found brand new music of hers:

Other pages say she is a reggae artist, others say gospel, so I'm not sure. I personally don't recognize genres from each other since I don't care what they are. I just know these songs sound really good. Here's one more song, which is in other language than English. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what language this is; Maybe Bislama or French? They are the other official languages of Vanuatu, though in my opinion it doesn't sound like French.

It's a good thing I found these songs again. I'd say this was the starting point from where I got into finding music from all around the world and to eventually start this blog. So a perfect starting point to this blog.

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