28 November 2014

Theme: 1980s (rock edition)

It is time for my first theme post. And the theme is music from the 1980s. While I was planning this post, I started listing songs I would like to write about and the list got quite long, since I really love '80s music. So there is eventually sequels to come.

Some time ago I wrote on Twitter that I've been listening to a lot of music from the 80s. I usually get periods of time when I really get into certain type of music and now it was the 80s. The song that got me into listening 80s music this time was actually from the 1970s. From that song I moved to this:

British Bonnie Tyler. I've been loving Holding Out For A Hero (1984) for many, many years. It must be one of my ultimate favourite songs of the 80s. It's just so dramatic and I like the lyrics a lot. But now comes a little confession: Total Eclipse Of The Heart (1983) is probably Bonnie's best-known song, or at least I kept coming across it's name all the time, but I hadn't heard it until very recently. Which is actually a shame since I really love it.

Another artist whose songs from the 80s I've been listening lately is Canadian Bryan Adams. I don't remember exactly when I first heard these songs, but I a long time ago. And I've been loving them ever since then. I doubt these two need any introduction since they are so famous: Summer Of '69 (1985) and Heaven (1985).

One more of my favourite 80s songs is How Soon Is Now? (1985) by a British band The Smiths. This song too I've been loving for ages. I find the lyrics very meaningful and touching on a personal level. And the music is awesome. This song is quite a bit darker than the type of songs people usually associate with the 1980s.

From my experiences, the first thing that comes to people's mind from the 80s music is the over the top cheerfulness and craziness, plus bright colours. But rock music too was hugely popular in the 80s, wasn't it? Quite interesting that two so different types of music were so popular at the same time.

And since this post seems to be only about rock songs, maybe my next 80s post (whenever that will be out) should be about those overly happy songs, which are so symbolic for the 80s.

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