31 December 2014

Favourite artists: AAA, top10. Japan #2

I wanted to make a New Year's post. My first idea was to make a collection of the songs I have liked / listened most in 2014 (I know, such an original idea. But I like these kind of listings). The problem was that I seriously can't remember what I have listened even couple months ago, let alone in January! So that was a no-can-do for this year, but I'll start listing songs for next New Year already tomorrow.

I still wanted to make something New Year related, so this is what I came up with: I'll pick my most listened singer/band of the 2014 (easy peasy) and make a top10 list of my favourite songs from her/him/them (not so easy peasy). A lot of these songs would make into my 'most listened in 2014' list anyway.

My most listened artist in 2014 was other one of the two of my ultimate favourite bands: Japanese mixed pop group AAA. Without further ado, let's start the list. I'll try to keep my comments on the songs short, because otherwise this post would expand too long.

*My opinions tend to change + new songs come so this is list is only accurate currently.

1. Charge & Go!, 2011

FULL VIDEO: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x12b7oc_aaa-pv-charge-go_music

Absolutely my favourite song from AAA. The vocals are great and I really love the music, but the best thing about this song are the lyrics. I find them very meaningful and touching on a personal level. My favourite part is the last chorus, it always moves me (which is not easy!): the vocals, the music and the lyrics all come together so beautifully.


In these days that will last forever
Sometimes crying, sometimes laughing
The symbols engraved on that map
We reach them one by one
And progress on
In the future, a new you exists

[lyrics and translation from here: http://misachanjpop.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/charge-%E2%96%B6-go-aaa/]

2. Hide-away, 2009

FULL VIDEO: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xarec1_aaa-hide-away_music

The fourth most listened song and the most listened AAA song in my iPod. There is actually multiple different versions of this: the regular (video above), boys version (Hide & Seek), girls version (Find You) and version used in Inuyasha anime (With You). These versions are actually kinda different from each other. I love all of them, but the regular one especially. It is so dark and beautiful and sad.

3. MIRAGE, 2008

Unfortunately it seems that the full music video isn't available anywhere...

One of the very first AAA songs I heard. And I immediately fell in love with it. It is mysterious and kinda exotic. The overall sound and lyrics are more on the cheerful side, but there is something dark in it too...

4. Wake up!, 2014

Currently their second newest single, released in July. It has become one of their highest selling singles. Their newer music tends to be more on the ballad side (not a bad thing, and understandably they want to do more serious music now that they start to reach 30's), so this really stands out from the crowd. I just love how cheerful and happy it is. I listened to this song while walking to my school finals, in hopes that it would make me happier and less nervous. And it did help a bit! This song always makes me feel better.

5. 777 ~We can sing a song!~, 2012

FULL VIDEO: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xrxvwe_pv-aaa-777-we-can-sing-a-song-h-264-1440x1080-m-on-hd_music

Another utterly happy song. This song has the same effect on me as Wake up!; It makes me feel better and it makes me smile. And this probably is even more cheerful. It is very catchy and easily gets stuck in my head.

6. PARADISE, 2010

FULL VIDEO: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xnka5o_pv-aaa-%E3%83%88%E3%83%AA%E3%83%97%E3%83%AB-%E3%82%A8%E3%83%BC-paradise-dvd-rip-hd-720p_music

This song I first heard this year and it is probably my most listened AAA song, if not in entire 2014 then at least in the second half of 2014 (because I need to overlisten to everything I fall in love with). In this song too, there is that dark, mysterious shade in it, but overall it is pretty happy song. I haven't read the lyrics and I don't understand enough of what they are singing, but in my opinion the verses are a bit sad, but during chorus it gets quite bit happier. The video adds to this feeling.

7. 虹 (Niji), 2012

FULL VIDEO: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xuhhgp_aaa-niji_music

Niji means a rainbow in English. I almost could just copy and paste what I said about Charge & Go! (number one). Everything is awesome, but the lyrics are the most amazing part. I find them very meaningful and personally touching. They have a very good message, especially now that it is the start of a new year! Only minus I give this song is that there is no rap part for SKY-HI! His parts are usually my favourites in the songs.


think we can reach our dreams while shedding so many tears?
is it worth standing up while clenching our teeth in so much pain?
yes, we’ll see them realized!!!

出来ない事を数え 不安で人と比べてしまいそうに いつもなるけれど

as we count all the things we can’t do
we always end up worrying and comparing ourselves to others

間違いだらけの 僕らの毎日 きっとそのどれもが素晴らしい
弱さを知った分 強くなれるから 高い壁も飛び越えていける

our lives may be full of mistakes
but each day has been wonderful, no doubt
knowing weakness makes us strong
so we can climb the highest walls

It was seriously hard picking out which parts to include in this post. The entire lyrics are worth reading: http://www.jpopasia.com/group/aaa/lyrics//niji::139024.html.

8. BLOOD on FIRE, 2005

Unfortunately it seems that the full music video isn't available anywhere...

AAA's debut single from almost 10 years ago! It is fun to see how they have transformed from this more of a teen pop to their more serious style. This song was first or second I heard from them and I still find it brilliant. It is dramatic and catchy in an interesting way. And the rap parts are just epic. It is that type of song that easily grabs your attention; The music is heavy that kind of way.

9. Love, 2014

Love is also a recent single from them (released in February 2014). This is what I was writing about previously: their more serious and ballady (that's probably not a word, but makes the point) style. Love is fairly simple song, yet very beautiful. I am not usually that big fan of ballads, but I seriously love this song. And the video is awesome. Such a lovely idea.

10. Love Is In The Air, 2013

FULL VIDEO: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x10h2f0_aaa-love-is-in-the-air-pv_music

Last up on the list is another love song. This too is one of those songs that makes me smile. It is very happy and summery. Even though it supposedly is a love song, it is more about summer. And even though the summer is not, unfortunately, yet coming like the lyrics state (at least at these parts of the globe, for others this actually is very in season), the song can bring some warmth to the cold, dark winter days and a hope of summer. Like they sing: "Before we know it, summer days. So feel it now…".

That's all folks! So many amazing songs couldn't fit in the list, but these are my ultimate favourites (currently). I know I'll be listening a lot of AAA in 2015 too and excitedly wait for what is coming up. It is going to be their 10-year anniversary, so maybe something even more brilliant than usually is coming next year!

[It use to be so that Japanese record labels didn't really upload music videos online. Then they started uploading short clips, but now it has become quite common that they upload full videos. Unfortunately because of this their official channels have only short versions available. I hope that one day they will upload also the old videos in full to their channels. I don't see why not since the new videos are uploaded fully. It would be just great promotion!]

27 December 2014

K-pop boy bands: South Korea #1

I recently wrote a blog post about how I got into K-pop (read here). Now it is time for the first actually South Korea post.

In my previous K-pop post (and more in my J-pop post) I wrote that I love girl groups. There are some highly popular girl groups in K-pop world, but it looks like overall boy groups are more popular amongst K-pop listeners. I personally am not as much into any boy bands of any country (a separate post about this matter coming up someday) as I am into girl groups.

In this post I'll feature few of my favourite songs from South Korean boy bands. This is not a top listing or anything; just five songs I really like.

Super Junior with their song Sexy, Free & Single. Super Junior is one of the most popular groups in South Korea (don't quote me on this). All of their albums and singles have been successful (again don't quote me on this) and they have had success beyond their home country too, i.e. in Japan. They also have many sub groups.

There are some Super Junior songs that I really like. One of them is the song above. I have heard nowhere near all of their songs, but I think from the ones I have, this might be my favourite. I don't know what it exactly is that makes me like this song. The music probably. I really like this type of music. But the singing is also great.

Another highly popular K-pop group: BIGBANG. I have said it before, but let's state it again: I am not good with genres. I believe this group is K-pop and hip hop? The group is definitely one of the best known boy bands in South Korea. Their albums, both band and solo ones, keep reaching number one spot in South Korean charts and singles sell millions of copies.

I haven't heard many songs from BIGBANG, but I really love Monster. The chorus especially. The song is surprisingly touching, but still gives me the creeps... Or maybe that's the music video. I have read the lyrics in English and they are great. Very different from what I expected based on the title of the song.

Also: In my previous K-pop post, I featured one of Taeyang's songs. He is one of the members of this groups. I haven't listened to many of their solo songs, but that one is absolutely beautiful.

Next up Infinite with their song BTD (Before The Dawn) and a slightly violent music video. I am not very educated on this band, but I believe they have had decent success?

I think BTD is the only song I have heard from them. But I love this song a lot. It is in top40 on the most listened songs in my iTunes (which in my list is a high placing). I usually keep changing songs in my iPod because I get tired of the songs fast, but this song is amongst the ones that have stayed there for really long time (ever since I first put it in there). I love how it is dramatic and catchy at the same time.

E.R by the group DMTN also known as Dalmatian. Did these videos suddenly get violent? Anyways... I believe this group is not that popular. I based this statement on their YouTube video views and chart placings. And honestly, I have never heard anyone mention this group. Which is a shame.

I first heard E.R in autumn this year and totally fell in love it immediately. The song sounds very beautiful. I don't know what the lyrics are about (based on the title I'd guess broken heart or similar), but the way they sing them, makes it sound very touching. I haven't heard any other songs from this band, but since E.R was one of my favourite songs this autumn, I really need to. And because I love dalmatians, how come could I not like this group!

It seems to be the case with most South Korean boy bands I have been listening: I have heard only one song from them. Here is one of the cases again: 아이야 (I Yah) by BOYFRIEND. Based on the band's Wikipedia discography page, they have had decent success and have released music also in Japanese (like pretty much all even slightly popular South Korean artists seem to do).

I instantly liked I Yah when I first heard it. The chorus is catchy and the song overall has kinda dark feeling to it. Which I obviously like. I don't know the lyrics and it is heard to say anything based on the title, but from the video I assume it is a love song. Though in my opinion it doesn't sound much of a love song. The song is great whatsoever.

That's it for now. I do have some other South Korean boy bands I want to post about, so maybe a sequel coming? I also have a post planned on my favourite K-pop boy band, which I'll write and post probably in January or February.

24 December 2014

Lonely Christmas

I felt like writing a different kind of Christmas post. As the title states, this isn't about your usual merry and cheerful songs. But do not take this too seriously; my intentions are not to make anyone sad or something! I try to keep this blog a positive place.

Tomorrow I might write my rant about Christmas in my other blog, but let's just say here that I spend my Christmases alone, but then again I do not celebrate Christmas. This post isn't about addressing my personal feelings. Or maybe just a bit. And just for the record: I don't celebrate Christmas, but it doesn't stop me from liking some Christmas songs (though I don't like a lot). In my opinion, a song can be good being related to any time or season or whatever.

Anyway, let's get to the "Christmas spirit"....

A classic. Mariah Carey with All I Want For Christmas Is You. Honestly, I went on for years and years thinking this is a happy song. But now I have realised that it actually isn't. Or maybe I just have started hearing it differently (you know how sometimes lyrics change their meaning to you along with your life situations?). The music is cheerful and lyrics can be seen that way too, but... She is singing about missing someone and wanting nothing but to see them. Not so cheerful after all...

I personally like the music a lot. I don't usually like this much Christmassy sounds, but this one I do like. I use to like the lyrics before, but now that I hear them differently I like them even more. Maybe because now they feel more personal to me.

Speaking about personal...

Britney Spears with My Only Wish (This Year). I only recently heard this song for the first time, but it immediately hit me. Okay, I suppose most admit that this and All I Want For Christmas Is You have a lot of similarities, but there's significant difference too. Well, the music is less happier (at least in my opinion), but the big difference comes from the lyrics. In Mariah's song she has a someone she wants from Santa, but Britney doesn't. Or she does, but it isn't a certain person. She wants to finally meet her true love.

I suppose that's the reason why I was touched more by My Only Wish. I haven't yet met my significant other, but I would like to. (And if I do, I'm probably taking that sentence back. Because relationships.) So, this feels like the personally most fitting Christmas song for me.

Let's move on so that I won't get too deep again...

My favourite non-English Christmas song. By Japanese group ℃-ute. 会いたいロンリークリスマス / Aitai Lonely Christmas. Aitai translates into "I want to see you". They are singing about loving someone and wanting to meet this person, but not being able to ask. And obviously that other person is not interested or just too shy too.

What I like is that it is a Christmas song, but it doesn't sound too Christmassy. If you don't understand the lyrics, it could go as a regular song. Maybe just a bit wintry. Honestly, I just listen to this amongst other songs and it usually doesn't even bring Christmas to my mind. But if I specifically listen to it as a Christmas song, then it does feel like a Christmas song. Whichever, I really love this song.

Last up, throwing in an another classic: Last Christmas by Wham!. It is a bit different from the other songs of this post, but fits the theme. Broken heart is never a nice thing, but on a special day (like Christmas) it feels worse.

In my opinion, the music isn't too Christmassy, which, if you didn't notice by now, I prefer. How I feel about the lyrics: he is still affected by what happened last Christmas, but has found a new love. So, deep down it is a sad song, but also has a nice message: this Christmas may suck, but next year can be better.

And that's a good message to end this blog post with. I wanted to feature more than one non-English song, but I really don't know that many Christmas songs, especially songs fitting this theme. I was going to look for more songs, but didn't get my mind to do that. You know, because Christmas.

21 December 2014

Summer in midwinter? Jamaica #1

This post's music comes from Jamaica. Because what is better music for Christmastime than summery Caribbean reggae? Well, personally I don't listen music by season.

Brick & Lace. The song above, Love Is Wicked, was quite a big hit at one point. Or at least here in Finland it was on radio and shown on MTV all the time. And I have heard/seen it playing even years after it release. Based on their Wikipedia page, it seems that this song was successful in many other countries too, especially in Europe. I also remember seeing their other song, Never Never, on MTV almost as often as Love Is Wicked.

Some weeks ago, I all of the sudden got Love Is Wicked stuck in my head without hearing it for couple of years. Of course I went to YouTube to listen to it again. I use to love it back when it was popular (the single was released in 2007) and sure enough it was as awesome still. Same goes for Never Never.

I really like how these songs are so catchy. And the music is totally awesome. Very interesting sounds going on. According to Wikipedia, the genre is called reggae fusion. It is interesting how the sisters' singing styles and voices are very different, but fit so well together. Their different styles, in my opinion of course, are what makes Brick & Lace as good and interesting as it is.

Since it was me, of course I didn't leave it there.  Next up was to look for what the duo had done after Love Is Wicked and Never Never. The results: Songs as catchy as the previous ones. I especially liked Bad To Di Bone. It is different from the other two of their songs in this post, but there is still some similarities. Most importantly the catchiness; I got it stuck in my head for quite some time.

And since it was me, of course I needed to go even further. Since I had liked Brick & Lace, I also had to check out the sisters' solo music. And I was not disappointed.

Nyanda released her first solo single last year. Slippery When Wet was also released last year. I find it as catchy as Brick & Lace music and it is similar to the group's style. Other song I like from Nyanda is called I Love Sax (with also Jamaican Black Lion). Though the way she pronounces the word sax, makes it sound something different, if you know what I mean... Nyanda's solo music is a bit more naughtier than Brick & Lace's songs. I Love Sax is very different from the previous dancy and summery songs. Sax is the key word here. But it is very catchy too, and also the music is quite interesting.

And since it was me, I of course went on even more further and searched for other Jamaican artists too. But because I didn't feel like throwing in some random song from an unrelated artist, this post ended up being pretty much completely about Brick & Lace. But definitely more Jamaican music coming up in this blog some time in future.

17 December 2014

Music in Hebrew: Israel #1

It is time for a new post and a new country. Today it is Israel. (Christmas is close, so it fits?)

Let's start with this:

Shiri Maimon. I have never chosen my favourite Israeli artist, but Shiri could run for the spot (and probably win). I first heard her in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, where she represented Israel with her song Hasheket Shenish'ar placing 4th. She was amongst my favourites back then too, but when I got older I started to like her song even more and it has become maybe my favourite Eurovision song from 2000s.

Obviously, since I loved Hasheket Shenish'ar, I had to listen to other songs of hers too. The above song is one of my other favourites from her: יותר טוב לסלוח /Yoter Tov Lisloach (Better To Forgive in English). I really the music of this song. It gives me goosebumps, in a good way of course.

Here is also the Eurovision song השקט שנשאר /Hasheket Shenish'ar (The Silence That Remains in English, according to Wikipedia). I could write an entire post about this song, but maybe that's not so good idea. So let's just say it is totally amazing:

Here is also her Eurovision Song Contest performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C03CEocmNtY
And here the English version of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Euva_YkJsEI

Moving on to Maya Bouskilla. I really love her song בוא לראות אותי (I don't know how to romanize that, but in English it is Come See Me). I only now realised that somehow I have not listened to any other songs even though I really love that one. How has this happened... I really must right this wrong. I seriously like her voice so it is highly possible I'd like some others of her songs too.

This certain song is brilliant overall. I love her singing and the music very much. The chorus is my favourite part: It is quite dramatic, but still very catchy. It is one of my ultimate favourite Israeli songs, in top3 maybe.

One more artist to this post: Sarit Hadad. She is a bit newer finding for me, but she is very popular in Israel and has had successful career since '90s. I actually just now writing this post found out that she also has represented Israel in Eurovision Song Contest, but I have not seen that year's competition (coincidentally it has been next up in my watching list for a while).

Anyways, the songs are:

מאחלת לך (again, no idea how to romanize it, but it's I'm Wishing You, in English as the title states) and קרוסלה /Karusela (obviously Carousel in English). I'm Wishing You is a beautiful song with interesting music video. The music is especially nice with the violins. Carousel is more catchier and funnier song. It is one of those kind of songs that makes you want to dance. I don't understand the lyrics, but I assume it is a love song. These two Sarit's songs are quite different from each other, but they are equally nice.

13 December 2014

Favourite artists: Delta Goodrem. Australia #1

Today it's time for my second Favourite Artists post. And also for the first post from Australia.

If asked for my favourite Oceanian artist, I'd pick Delta Goodrem. She released her first single in 2001 and first album in 2003, and has been successful since. Her first album was called Innocent Eyes and the above song was the title track of it. I have listened this album many many times and I love most songs in it, but Innocent Eyes is my favourite. Delta's music has always had piano in an important role since she plays it, but this first album has the most heavy piano sound to it. And I like it as piano is my favourite instrument.

Another track I love from Delta's first album, which might also be her best known song, is...

Lost Without You. I remember I was in elementary school when I first heard this song, so probably in 2003/2004 as it was released in 2003. If I remember correctly, the song was quite popular back then here in Finland, as at least I heard it often somewhere. It is probably the only Delta song I have heard on the radio. Or maybe I have heard Almost Here on radio too, I don't remember. But it is quite a shame that she isn't more popular than she is.

Believe Again is a song from Delta's third album Delta, released in 2007. I really like the lyrics of this song. They are meaningful and have a good message. The song is good by itself, but if you can be touched by the lyrics, it becomes even better.

Delta's newer music, in my opinion obviously, is quite different from the first album's piano music. [But she still does live performances playing piano, which are great by the way.] Even though I loved Innocent Eyes, it is nice to hear different kind of music from Delta. It gets very boring fast if an artist does only one type of songs.

I really love Sitting On Top Of The World and also its music video. It is such a positive song. It was released in 2012 as a lead single from her newest studio album Child Of The Universe. I must admit that even though I now really like this song, at first I was unsure. I guess I was expecting more of the old Delta style and it took me a while to get use to this. But in the end, it ended up being one of my favourite songs in 2012.

I think my favourite song from Delta is Dancing With A Broken Heart (but very closely followed by Innocent Eyes). It is also a single from Child Of The Universe and was released in 2012. Once again it is the lyrics that make me truly love this song. I find them personally touching, which seems to be the case with many of Delta's songs. But the music is also very good. And the vocals, of course.

Her most recent singles are again quite different from her previous songs, so it will be interesting to see what she comes up with next.

09 December 2014

My first K-pop experiences

I recently wrote about how I became a J-pop fan. I felt like writing a similar post also about the other genre I listened to a lot: K-pop. For those who may not know, it means Korean pop, aka pop music from South Korea.

I am pretty confident that this was the first ever K-pop song I heard:

10 Minutes by Lee Hyori. The song was released in 2003. I don't remember exactly when I first heard it, but 2004 and 2005 are my best guesses. Back then I actually thought the song was Japanese. I liked this song a lot, but I didn't get more into K-pop back then and even went to forget about this song.

Later on when I started to get into K-pop music few years ago (2011 maybe), one of the first artists I came across was Lee Hyori (since she is so famous). The name sounded familiar and then I remembered the song I had heard years before. Of course I went to look for more songs from her. I really liked her song called U-Go-Girl and it is still one of my favourite songs of her. From my experiences K-pop music from when this song was released tend to be more silly than nowdays. Even though I love more recent K-pop music too, these sillier songs from few year back are a lot of fun. And they are very catchy!

For me getting into K-pop happened through two different paths at the same time. Firstly through J-pop. I think this route comes quite naturally for anyone whose into J-pop. A lot of K-pop artists also make songs in Japanese (for bigger market).

Like in my J-pop post I mentioned, I really got into Japanese girl groups. At some point I started to come across also South Korean girl groups too (mentions, links to videos, YouTube recommendations, etc...). I wasn't purposely looking for Korean songs, but since Japanese and Korean music markets have so close connection, K-pop sneaked into my life.

But of course I was very interested to find more girl groups to listen. One of the first K-pop acts I came across was the very famous Girls' Generation, also known as SNSD. Since it was a girl group, I obviously decided to listen to them. I totally fell in love with their song Run Devil Run. It was actually the first song I added on my K-pop playlist on YouTube.

The other route to K-pop was through a friend. I suppose this is a quite common route. My friend (whose awesomely active [note the sarcasm] Twitter account is @De_Arctic_Fox) had found South Korean music recently and send me couple of links to songs she liked.

The first time she linked me a song, I believe it was this song:

Despite this blog post's title, this song is rock (or pop rock?). The band is called TRAX and the song is 오! 나의 여신님 (Oh! My Goddess, in English). At first when I heard this song I didn't like it much. Then one time I got it stuck in my head and listened to it again resulting into me liking it. Now that I listened to this song after a while, when looking for songs to this post, I actually liked this a lot. Tastes change, obviously.

One other time my friend send me this song:

Wedding Dress by Taeyang. I immediately like this song, and I still love it a lot. It is very beautiful and touching, even though I don't understand anything else than the few English words. The music and his singing are enough. The video adds up to it all.

So, these were few of the very first South Korean songs I heard, probably all within ten, or less, first ones. From these on, I started to more purposely look for K-pop songs, especially girl groups. I believe the first songs you hear from a genre/band/whatever are very important, since they most likely define whether you get interested in it or not. These at least did the trick for me. Also, the first songs are important because you kinda base on your later music on the first ones. That's at least what I think.

05 December 2014

Bollywood / Hollywood: India #1

I think that my favourite part of having started writing this blog is that I finally get ahead to search for songs from different countries. I have always meant to, but never actually got around to do so, for no particular reason. Like in example, I always wanted to investigate music from India, but always pushed it into uncertain future. But now I have finally done so.

So today's music comes from India.

Let's start with Priyanka Chopra. She seems to be new to music, but has been acting for many years. The first song is In My City and it features will.i.am and it sounds like it is produced by RedOne. Priyanka's music is a lot different than other music I have heard from Indian singers. This definitely goes to a Hollywood category, which is probably because she is signed by American record label. It's very much that type of music which tops charts at United States and elsewhere too now. This song could get lost in the mass, but for me it somehow stands out, in a good way of course. Maybe it's her vocals. I think this song is fun and positive, which makes it nice to listen to. (I just ignore will.i.am in this song, since his part is so short and unimportant song-wise.)

One other song from her is called I Can't Make You Love Me. It is a cover of Bonnie Raitt's song. I heard the original version a little while ago and honestly I didn't like it much. But I like Priyanka's version. Her vocals are great again and in my opinion fit this song very well. This song too is very Hollywood, but that isn't automatically a bad thing, like in this case it's not.

Let's move more towards Bollywood. In the case anyone reading this doesn't know: Bollywood is Indian version of Hollywood. India has a huge movie industry. I actually have been very interested to watch Bollywood movies for a while, but I haven't since they are pretty hard to come by. The closest I come to watching Bollywood is the famous movie Slumdog Millionaire. But that actually is a British movie.

Since this is a music blog I won't get deeper into this subject, but I want recommend the Slumdog Millionaire book, which is originally called Q & A, and is written by Vikas Swarup. The book is so so much better than the movie. It's one of my favourite books all time. The movie is just mostly a love story, the book is much deeper and interesting.

But back to the music. Jai Ho is a song from the Slumdog Millionaire movie and it became quite popular along the movie. Or at least The Pussycat Dolls version did. This song is composed by A. R. Rahman and features vocals from Sukhvinder Singh, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Vijay Prakash and Tanvi Shah. It seems to be quite common to have lots of singers in Indian/Bollywood songs. You can actually hear also four different languages in this song.

Here is also a link to the version with The Pussycat Dolls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc5OyXmHD0w

Now finally to actual Bollywood. I have been able to find many good songs from Bollywood movies, but these are my favourites: Maria Maria and Soni De Nakhre. Both of them are from the Bollywood movie Partner (released 2007). Maria Maria vocals are by Wajid, Sonu Nigam, Shakib, Sunidhi Chauchan and Naresh Iyer. Soni De Nakhre vocals are by Labh Janjua, Sneha Pant and Wajid.

At first I must wonder what is it with Indians and Spanish language? A big part of Bollywood songs I have heard has a part or at least few random words is Spanish with no obvious reason. Like in example, Jai Ho had a bit Spanish and Maria Maria is overall very Spanish.

Both of these songs are very catchy and a lot of fun. Actually, based on the musical clips I have seen from this movie, I think I really want to see this movie. It seems very funny and the music is awesome. If I'll ever get a chance, I'll definitely watch it. But for now I'll have to set for these songs.

02 December 2014

Original & Covers: I Promised Myself

Here goes my first Original & Covers post. In my post from yesterday, I explained what these posts are about, but I suppose the name speaks for itself too.

The song of this post is I Promised Myself.


This song is originally by British Nick Kamen and it was first released in 1980. I really love this song and have been listening it a lot lately. I don't know what exactly what it is that makes me love this song. It's probably a combination of multiple things, like the lyrics, music and his singing style. They all come together so nicely and the song is surprisingly touching. Well, this is at least my opinion.

Let's move on to the first cover...


It is by a Swedish group A*Teens. They released their cover version as a single from their Greatest Hits collection in 2004. The music video for it is in my opinion interesting. It features clips of the group placed in their old videos. This is such a cool idea for a greatest hits -single and it has been done well.

About the song itself; This was actually the first version I heard of this song. And I love this version too. The female vocals add something extra to it and it has a different feel to it compared to the original. This version is maybe somewhat lighter than the original.

The other cover is...


by Swedish artist Basshunter. I guess the original song was popular in Sweden since it has been covered by two Swedish acts? Basshunter's version was released in 2009. The music video for it is part of a story line that takes place on multiple of his videos, including his big hit song Now You're Gone.

This version is totally different from the other two. They are all eurodance, but this is a lot more "modern disco". It has in example very heavy bass (BASShunter = bass, duh). By music-wise it is like a whole different song. The lyrics are of course the same, but I think in this type of music they lost much of their deepness. This version is far less touching than the other two, but it makes into a nice dance song. Overall it works well.

01 December 2014

New kind of blog posts

To start off this new month (and to celebrate this blog's first month anniversary, because it is such a huge achievement, or not) I will introduce a new type of blog posts. About my other blog post types I wrote here.

These new posts are called Original & Covers. And you probably can guess what they are about. I will first post the original song and then cover versions of it. At first I will at least do posts with the original song and two or more covers, but I was also thinking about some other kinds of posts, like maybe 2 to 3 songs from same artist and 1 to 2 covers for each song. The point of these post won't be to put these songs in some sort of order. I just find it interesting to hear different versions of songs.

I think that summarises it. Obviously, these posts too will evolve as time goes on. Now that I've got this introduction post out, I can post the first actual Original & Covers post tomorrow.