27 December 2014

K-pop boy bands: South Korea #1

I recently wrote a blog post about how I got into K-pop (read here). Now it is time for the first actually South Korea post.

In my previous K-pop post (and more in my J-pop post) I wrote that I love girl groups. There are some highly popular girl groups in K-pop world, but it looks like overall boy groups are more popular amongst K-pop listeners. I personally am not as much into any boy bands of any country (a separate post about this matter coming up someday) as I am into girl groups.

In this post I'll feature few of my favourite songs from South Korean boy bands. This is not a top listing or anything; just five songs I really like.

Super Junior with their song Sexy, Free & Single. Super Junior is one of the most popular groups in South Korea (don't quote me on this). All of their albums and singles have been successful (again don't quote me on this) and they have had success beyond their home country too, i.e. in Japan. They also have many sub groups.

There are some Super Junior songs that I really like. One of them is the song above. I have heard nowhere near all of their songs, but I think from the ones I have, this might be my favourite. I don't know what it exactly is that makes me like this song. The music probably. I really like this type of music. But the singing is also great.

Another highly popular K-pop group: BIGBANG. I have said it before, but let's state it again: I am not good with genres. I believe this group is K-pop and hip hop? The group is definitely one of the best known boy bands in South Korea. Their albums, both band and solo ones, keep reaching number one spot in South Korean charts and singles sell millions of copies.

I haven't heard many songs from BIGBANG, but I really love Monster. The chorus especially. The song is surprisingly touching, but still gives me the creeps... Or maybe that's the music video. I have read the lyrics in English and they are great. Very different from what I expected based on the title of the song.

Also: In my previous K-pop post, I featured one of Taeyang's songs. He is one of the members of this groups. I haven't listened to many of their solo songs, but that one is absolutely beautiful.

Next up Infinite with their song BTD (Before The Dawn) and a slightly violent music video. I am not very educated on this band, but I believe they have had decent success?

I think BTD is the only song I have heard from them. But I love this song a lot. It is in top40 on the most listened songs in my iTunes (which in my list is a high placing). I usually keep changing songs in my iPod because I get tired of the songs fast, but this song is amongst the ones that have stayed there for really long time (ever since I first put it in there). I love how it is dramatic and catchy at the same time.

E.R by the group DMTN also known as Dalmatian. Did these videos suddenly get violent? Anyways... I believe this group is not that popular. I based this statement on their YouTube video views and chart placings. And honestly, I have never heard anyone mention this group. Which is a shame.

I first heard E.R in autumn this year and totally fell in love it immediately. The song sounds very beautiful. I don't know what the lyrics are about (based on the title I'd guess broken heart or similar), but the way they sing them, makes it sound very touching. I haven't heard any other songs from this band, but since E.R was one of my favourite songs this autumn, I really need to. And because I love dalmatians, how come could I not like this group!

It seems to be the case with most South Korean boy bands I have been listening: I have heard only one song from them. Here is one of the cases again: 아이야 (I Yah) by BOYFRIEND. Based on the band's Wikipedia discography page, they have had decent success and have released music also in Japanese (like pretty much all even slightly popular South Korean artists seem to do).

I instantly liked I Yah when I first heard it. The chorus is catchy and the song overall has kinda dark feeling to it. Which I obviously like. I don't know the lyrics and it is heard to say anything based on the title, but from the video I assume it is a love song. Though in my opinion it doesn't sound much of a love song. The song is great whatsoever.

That's it for now. I do have some other South Korean boy bands I want to post about, so maybe a sequel coming? I also have a post planned on my favourite K-pop boy band, which I'll write and post probably in January or February.

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