24 December 2014

Lonely Christmas

I felt like writing a different kind of Christmas post. As the title states, this isn't about your usual merry and cheerful songs. But do not take this too seriously; my intentions are not to make anyone sad or something! I try to keep this blog a positive place.

Tomorrow I might write my rant about Christmas in my other blog, but let's just say here that I spend my Christmases alone, but then again I do not celebrate Christmas. This post isn't about addressing my personal feelings. Or maybe just a bit. And just for the record: I don't celebrate Christmas, but it doesn't stop me from liking some Christmas songs (though I don't like a lot). In my opinion, a song can be good being related to any time or season or whatever.

Anyway, let's get to the "Christmas spirit"....

A classic. Mariah Carey with All I Want For Christmas Is You. Honestly, I went on for years and years thinking this is a happy song. But now I have realised that it actually isn't. Or maybe I just have started hearing it differently (you know how sometimes lyrics change their meaning to you along with your life situations?). The music is cheerful and lyrics can be seen that way too, but... She is singing about missing someone and wanting nothing but to see them. Not so cheerful after all...

I personally like the music a lot. I don't usually like this much Christmassy sounds, but this one I do like. I use to like the lyrics before, but now that I hear them differently I like them even more. Maybe because now they feel more personal to me.

Speaking about personal...

Britney Spears with My Only Wish (This Year). I only recently heard this song for the first time, but it immediately hit me. Okay, I suppose most admit that this and All I Want For Christmas Is You have a lot of similarities, but there's significant difference too. Well, the music is less happier (at least in my opinion), but the big difference comes from the lyrics. In Mariah's song she has a someone she wants from Santa, but Britney doesn't. Or she does, but it isn't a certain person. She wants to finally meet her true love.

I suppose that's the reason why I was touched more by My Only Wish. I haven't yet met my significant other, but I would like to. (And if I do, I'm probably taking that sentence back. Because relationships.) So, this feels like the personally most fitting Christmas song for me.

Let's move on so that I won't get too deep again...

My favourite non-English Christmas song. By Japanese group ℃-ute. 会いたいロンリークリスマス / Aitai Lonely Christmas. Aitai translates into "I want to see you". They are singing about loving someone and wanting to meet this person, but not being able to ask. And obviously that other person is not interested or just too shy too.

What I like is that it is a Christmas song, but it doesn't sound too Christmassy. If you don't understand the lyrics, it could go as a regular song. Maybe just a bit wintry. Honestly, I just listen to this amongst other songs and it usually doesn't even bring Christmas to my mind. But if I specifically listen to it as a Christmas song, then it does feel like a Christmas song. Whichever, I really love this song.

Last up, throwing in an another classic: Last Christmas by Wham!. It is a bit different from the other songs of this post, but fits the theme. Broken heart is never a nice thing, but on a special day (like Christmas) it feels worse.

In my opinion, the music isn't too Christmassy, which, if you didn't notice by now, I prefer. How I feel about the lyrics: he is still affected by what happened last Christmas, but has found a new love. So, deep down it is a sad song, but also has a nice message: this Christmas may suck, but next year can be better.

And that's a good message to end this blog post with. I wanted to feature more than one non-English song, but I really don't know that many Christmas songs, especially songs fitting this theme. I was going to look for more songs, but didn't get my mind to do that. You know, because Christmas.

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