17 December 2014

Music in Hebrew: Israel #1

It is time for a new post and a new country. Today it is Israel. (Christmas is close, so it fits?)

Let's start with this:

Shiri Maimon. I have never chosen my favourite Israeli artist, but Shiri could run for the spot (and probably win). I first heard her in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, where she represented Israel with her song Hasheket Shenish'ar placing 4th. She was amongst my favourites back then too, but when I got older I started to like her song even more and it has become maybe my favourite Eurovision song from 2000s.

Obviously, since I loved Hasheket Shenish'ar, I had to listen to other songs of hers too. The above song is one of my other favourites from her: יותר טוב לסלוח /Yoter Tov Lisloach (Better To Forgive in English). I really the music of this song. It gives me goosebumps, in a good way of course.

Here is also the Eurovision song השקט שנשאר /Hasheket Shenish'ar (The Silence That Remains in English, according to Wikipedia). I could write an entire post about this song, but maybe that's not so good idea. So let's just say it is totally amazing:

Here is also her Eurovision Song Contest performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C03CEocmNtY
And here the English version of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Euva_YkJsEI

Moving on to Maya Bouskilla. I really love her song בוא לראות אותי (I don't know how to romanize that, but in English it is Come See Me). I only now realised that somehow I have not listened to any other songs even though I really love that one. How has this happened... I really must right this wrong. I seriously like her voice so it is highly possible I'd like some others of her songs too.

This certain song is brilliant overall. I love her singing and the music very much. The chorus is my favourite part: It is quite dramatic, but still very catchy. It is one of my ultimate favourite Israeli songs, in top3 maybe.

One more artist to this post: Sarit Hadad. She is a bit newer finding for me, but she is very popular in Israel and has had successful career since '90s. I actually just now writing this post found out that she also has represented Israel in Eurovision Song Contest, but I have not seen that year's competition (coincidentally it has been next up in my watching list for a while).

Anyways, the songs are:

מאחלת לך (again, no idea how to romanize it, but it's I'm Wishing You, in English as the title states) and קרוסלה /Karusela (obviously Carousel in English). I'm Wishing You is a beautiful song with interesting music video. The music is especially nice with the violins. Carousel is more catchier and funnier song. It is one of those kind of songs that makes you want to dance. I don't understand the lyrics, but I assume it is a love song. These two Sarit's songs are quite different from each other, but they are equally nice.

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