01 December 2014

New kind of blog posts

To start off this new month (and to celebrate this blog's first month anniversary, because it is such a huge achievement, or not) I will introduce a new type of blog posts. About my other blog post types I wrote here.

These new posts are called Original & Covers. And you probably can guess what they are about. I will first post the original song and then cover versions of it. At first I will at least do posts with the original song and two or more covers, but I was also thinking about some other kinds of posts, like maybe 2 to 3 songs from same artist and 1 to 2 covers for each song. The point of these post won't be to put these songs in some sort of order. I just find it interesting to hear different versions of songs.

I think that summarises it. Obviously, these posts too will evolve as time goes on. Now that I've got this introduction post out, I can post the first actual Original & Covers post tomorrow.

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