02 December 2014

Original & Covers: I Promised Myself

Here goes my first Original & Covers post. In my post from yesterday, I explained what these posts are about, but I suppose the name speaks for itself too.

The song of this post is I Promised Myself.


This song is originally by British Nick Kamen and it was first released in 1980. I really love this song and have been listening it a lot lately. I don't know what exactly what it is that makes me love this song. It's probably a combination of multiple things, like the lyrics, music and his singing style. They all come together so nicely and the song is surprisingly touching. Well, this is at least my opinion.

Let's move on to the first cover...


It is by a Swedish group A*Teens. They released their cover version as a single from their Greatest Hits collection in 2004. The music video for it is in my opinion interesting. It features clips of the group placed in their old videos. This is such a cool idea for a greatest hits -single and it has been done well.

About the song itself; This was actually the first version I heard of this song. And I love this version too. The female vocals add something extra to it and it has a different feel to it compared to the original. This version is maybe somewhat lighter than the original.

The other cover is...


by Swedish artist Basshunter. I guess the original song was popular in Sweden since it has been covered by two Swedish acts? Basshunter's version was released in 2009. The music video for it is part of a story line that takes place on multiple of his videos, including his big hit song Now You're Gone.

This version is totally different from the other two. They are all eurodance, but this is a lot more "modern disco". It has in example very heavy bass (BASShunter = bass, duh). By music-wise it is like a whole different song. The lyrics are of course the same, but I think in this type of music they lost much of their deepness. This version is far less touching than the other two, but it makes into a nice dance song. Overall it works well.

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