21 December 2014

Summer in midwinter? Jamaica #1

This post's music comes from Jamaica. Because what is better music for Christmastime than summery Caribbean reggae? Well, personally I don't listen music by season.

Brick & Lace. The song above, Love Is Wicked, was quite a big hit at one point. Or at least here in Finland it was on radio and shown on MTV all the time. And I have heard/seen it playing even years after it release. Based on their Wikipedia page, it seems that this song was successful in many other countries too, especially in Europe. I also remember seeing their other song, Never Never, on MTV almost as often as Love Is Wicked.

Some weeks ago, I all of the sudden got Love Is Wicked stuck in my head without hearing it for couple of years. Of course I went to YouTube to listen to it again. I use to love it back when it was popular (the single was released in 2007) and sure enough it was as awesome still. Same goes for Never Never.

I really like how these songs are so catchy. And the music is totally awesome. Very interesting sounds going on. According to Wikipedia, the genre is called reggae fusion. It is interesting how the sisters' singing styles and voices are very different, but fit so well together. Their different styles, in my opinion of course, are what makes Brick & Lace as good and interesting as it is.

Since it was me, of course I didn't leave it there.  Next up was to look for what the duo had done after Love Is Wicked and Never Never. The results: Songs as catchy as the previous ones. I especially liked Bad To Di Bone. It is different from the other two of their songs in this post, but there is still some similarities. Most importantly the catchiness; I got it stuck in my head for quite some time.

And since it was me, of course I needed to go even further. Since I had liked Brick & Lace, I also had to check out the sisters' solo music. And I was not disappointed.

Nyanda released her first solo single last year. Slippery When Wet was also released last year. I find it as catchy as Brick & Lace music and it is similar to the group's style. Other song I like from Nyanda is called I Love Sax (with also Jamaican Black Lion). Though the way she pronounces the word sax, makes it sound something different, if you know what I mean... Nyanda's solo music is a bit more naughtier than Brick & Lace's songs. I Love Sax is very different from the previous dancy and summery songs. Sax is the key word here. But it is very catchy too, and also the music is quite interesting.

And since it was me, I of course went on even more further and searched for other Jamaican artists too. But because I didn't feel like throwing in some random song from an unrelated artist, this post ended up being pretty much completely about Brick & Lace. But definitely more Jamaican music coming up in this blog some time in future.

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