05 January 2015

Blog plans 2015

I was not originally planning on doing this kind of post, but for past couple of days these ideas have been going around in my head and I felt like writing down them. This post can serve as a sort of guide to anyone coming across my blog wondering what to expect from this blog. This is what I have been planning for this newly started year...

- So far I have written quite lot theme/special/series posts. From here on, I want to focus more on country specific posts as they are what I like the most and what I originally started this blog for. There is still going to be many other types of posts, but the main focus will be on the country posts. I have lots and lots of theme and series posts planned too. More about my blog post types you can read here.

- I have a highly interesting blog series planned! These posts will take more effort to write, so I can't say anything about how many I will write. But I am kinda excited! This series will kick off in March or April.

- I will have my last school exams at the end of March, so after that I will have a lot more time for my blogs. The posting pace may fasten then, at least until autumn. I also will continue to study music technology and else, which hopefully adds something to this blog.

- For the reason mentioned in the previous paragraph, I will have more time, so I can finally give this blog a makeover it deserves. I will try to learn editing and make this blog it's own background, header, etc.. I already know what I would like my blog to visually look like.

- Other visual change is already noticeable in my previous post. From now on I'll be adding a photo for (most of) my blog posts, so they will look better in Blogger reader and such.

- I will start promoting my blog. I know I keep saying that, but I swear I will!

I believe that's it in a nutshell. Almost like New Year's promises for my blog. For me it feels like that 2014 was a warm-up (I only blogged for two months) and now I am starting for real. In my opinion, my blog posts have been getting better, or at least longer. I will try to keep at it!

(I just ask you to be polite and not to troll; I want to keep this blog a positive place.) Or if you want to just chat, you can comment on my other blog: Mariya's Road. I like meeting new people, so see ya!

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