15 January 2015

Canada #1: Some classics and more

Today it is turn for the first country post from Canada.

When I started planning for Canada posts, I knew there were couple songs I just must feature in the first one. It would feel like a sin not to. They are quite well known songs...

(Wikipedia: Canada)

Let's start with my ultimate favourite song from a Canadian artist:

My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. I know a lot of other people love this song too and it feels a bit cliché to say I love it, but I can't help it: the song is just so amazing. The single was released in 1997 and it is best known as the theme song for the movie Titanic. I personally do not remember did I see the movie or heard to song first, since they were both very popular when I was a child. It probably was the song as they played it in every school disco and events.

I loved this song already when I was a child, but when I got older I started to understand the lyrics better, which obviously made it even more amazing since a big part of the beauty of this song comes from the lyrics. But Celine's vocals have always been my favourite thing about this song.

Other song from Celine Dion: Taking Chances. This song was released almost exactly ten years after My Heart Will Go On, in 2007. It had success in many countries' charts, like so many others of Celine's singles.

The most famous songs from Celine tend to be ballads, so this is a bit different. The song starts as a slow ballad, but builds up towards to end into a more up-beat kinda rockish song. The lyrics are my favourite part; I guess I can connect with them on a personal level. I have been listening Taking Chances and My Heart Will Go On a lot during the past months. I don't know why exactly, but they have fit my mood so well recently.

My Heart Will Go On was originally released in Celine's album Let's Talk About Love and the soundtrack Titanic: Music From The Motion Picture. I believe it can also be found on all her collection albums released after 1997. Taking Chances was the title-single from the album Taking Chances and can also be found at least from the collection album My Love: Essential Collection.

Moving on...

Another Canadian classic: You're Still The One by Shania Twain. Obviously not comparable with the success of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On, but this song has had it's share of success too. It was released in 1998. I believe it is partly a country and partly a pop ballad.

The lyrics are quite usual for a love song, but still very beautiful. But what makes this song so brilliant, are the music and the vocals. I like the nuance Shania has in her voice. When I first heard this song, I did not like love songs much (I sometimes have phases when I don't like songs of certain type or genre), but I still fell in love with this song. So there must be something special in it.

Up! is another great song from Shania Twain. It was released in 2003/2004. Being inspired by You're Still The One back when, I had to listen to more of Shania's songs. Form her Greatest Hits album this song especially stood out for me.

The lyrics have the usual theme of things going wrong, but Shania reminding that things will get better. Somehow the lyrics mange to make something special about this theme. I at least like the lyrics a lot. It is highly catchy and the music is cheerful without being overly happy. For me it works to get me into a more positive spirit.

You're Still The One was released in Shania's album called Come On Over and Up! in an album of the same name, namely Up!. Both are also available on her Greatest Hits album.

The last song is...

Ironic by Alanis Morissette. This song is pretty iconic and the lyrics have become quite well known. It was released in 1996 (Is it just me or were there a lot of great songs from Canadian singers towards the end of the 1990s?).

The music and Alanis' singing style are very good, but the lyrics are the best part of this song. I find them actually a bit depressing. But it is not such a depressing song; The end and the upbeat music make sure of that. I personally wouldn't mind a rain on my wedding day, since I actually like rain (just not on winter...), but the other stuff range from mildly annoying to pretty horrible.

Amongst many, Ironic can be found at least on Alanis' album Jagged Little Pill and her collection album The Collection.

[Yeah, I changed the order of words in the title. From now on the country comes first and the additional title(s) after that. At least for the country posts. I still haven't decided how I'll title the rest.]

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