27 January 2015

Mexico #1: Different styles

Moving just a little bit to north-west from the destination of my previous post. It is time for music from Mexico. No pun was intended with the title... Or maybe was...

Wikipedia: Mexico
Sometime last year I was listening for music from Spain, looking for songs for a blog post. Somehow I unknowingly ended up in Mexico. Only later on I figured out I had listened to many Mexican songs instead of Spanish ones. But it ended up being only a good as I found so many amazing songs. Here's few of them...

Gloria Trevi. She seems to be very famous in Mexico. Her first album was released already in 1989 and most of her albums have ranked number one in Mexican charts. She has also had success beyond her native land. Wikipedia describes her style as pop-rock.

Gloria's song No Querías Lastimarme was probably the first ever Mexican song I heard. And it was love at the first listen. I don't need to understand the lyrics in order to feel a lot of emotion in this song. She sings so amazingly. And the music is brilliant; It is both dramatic and beautiful. I believe there is a big orchestra playing. I am usually not a huge fan of instrumental parts, but I could also listen to just the music of this song. But the singing ups it to a even higher level.

The title means You Didn't Want To Hurt Me. Reading a translation of the lyrics, I learn that at the end of the chorus she actually sings: "You didn't want to hurt me. You wanted to kill me." So the lyrics are actually fairly dark. Maybe still not quite as dark as the music video. Which I actually like a lot. Even though it sets up very bad example of what to do if you have burglars in your house. My tip in case of burglars: Do not let them know you know they are there and do not find out their identities. You might have better fate than Gloria did...

Moving onto more happier topics. Or more happier songs by Gloria Trevi, I mean. Cinco Minutos was released in 2008. Well, the lyrics of this song are not actually that happy, but a lot more positive than No Querías Lastimarme's lyrics. And in my opinion the overall feeling of this song is quite positive. The music especially.

I really like the strong pop-rock sound in this song. The music and singing give out a really strong feeling. The lyrics give out an impression of a strong independent woman. I don't know why but I really like the very start of the song and the countdown in the end. I really like the entire song, but those parts especially stand out. Cinco Minutos means Five Minutes. And since I find the ending nice/fun: She countdowns from five to one and then tells the person (who she is singing to) to get out.

The two previous Gloria songs were quite different from each other, and this one is even more different. It is called 20 Segundos, which means 20 Seconds. There seems to be some sorta time theme going on here. And the time is decreasing: In 2008 she had 5 minutes, but in 2014 only 20 seconds. Maybe she got tired of giving guys so much time? I could not find a translation of the lyrics, so I go on assuming weird stuff of the lyrics...

Well, maybe the lyrics are actually weird. At least the music is a bit weird. It is very electronic and (I believe) Gloria's voice has been altered a lot. When I first started listening this song, I was worried it would be too electronic or something, but it is actually a lot of fun. Though I prefer her natural voice, I actually really like how her voice sounds here. And the music is fun too. Overall I like this song a lot and it makes me smile.

No Querías Lastimarme can be found on Gloria's most recent album De Película, which was released in 2013. Cinco Minutos is on her 2007 album Una Rosa Blu. 20 Segundos is her most recent single, released in November 2014, and it is not yet part of any album.

One of the other great Mexican songs I have found (so far) is Ya Te Olvidé by Yuridia. Yuridia became famous after participating Mexican talent show La Academia in 2005. Since then she has had a very successful career with many number ones in Mexico.

I must admit that I usually find this type of songs a bit boring. But there is something in this song that makes me feel differently this time. Maybe it is her voice. The music also is good; Even though I don't know what exactly it is, but something in the music stands out for me. Overall the song is actually very beautiful with a hint of drama in it. Ya Te Olvidé means something along the words I Have Forgotten You.

However I must say that the music video is one of the most boring ones I have ever seen. I do find it somehow fitting that is is shot in a forest, but otherwise it is just so plain. This song is definitely better by just listening to it.

Ya Te Olvidé was released on Yuridia's album Para Mi in 2011.

Last up is Different by Ximena Sariñana. Ximena sings in both Spanish and English. She has been acting since she was little and started releasing music in 2008. Since then she has had success in her career, including a number two spot in Mexican charts for her debut album and Grammy nominations.

Different was released in 2011. Maybe the music video affects, but I find this song somewhat summery. I like especially about the music and the lyrics. The music is actually very funny and catchy. The lyrics I actually find on most parts personally fitting for me. The song is very positive and lots of fun, but there is something deeper in the lyrics too. That actually describes very well my favourite type of songs: fun, but meaningful.

And since I seem to comment on the music videos too: I really like this music video. It is so my style. If I were a singer, I could make something similar to this. And it is honestly funny too. Me and the director clearly have similar styles.

Different was released on Ximena's self-titled, mostly English album Ximena Sariñana, which was released in 2011.

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