20 January 2015

Opinion: Haters and hating in music

In my previous blog post (which you can read here), I mentioned I'd be writing this post. At the end of that post, there is a good example of what I am writing about today.

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So, the subject I want to comment on today is the hating done by some fans. What I mean is that the fans of a certain artist hate on some other artist(s). The phenomenon is hard not to notice if you follow a little of what is going on in YouTube and social media.

In example, there are few quite well-known American and British artists whose fans like to spread their hate on social media (two come in mind particularly, but I am not pointing out anyone specifically). Other type of hating is that some people obsessively support their favourite singer/band and dis pretty much all others. I have noticed that i.e. certain South Korean groups have very obsessive fans, but this matter is quite common all around the world.

This hating includes writing mean comments to the artist(s) and their fans. It can go even further and include in example spreading disrespectful false rumors of an artist.  Sometimes people go so over the board with their hating that they even start to harass an artist in real life, which is obviously a crime. The latter is luckily not that common around the world, but in South Korea it is a quite major problem.

So, what starts the hate? To me it sometimes seems like there is no actual reason; People just want to hate on something. Often the hate is directed towards an artist or a group of similar style than who the haters love. Like in the case I mentioned in my previous blog post, fans of a certain group felt that this other group's song was similar to their group's music (which I still say is nonsense) and attacked the other group. This other group got so much hate, that it seems that they disbanded because of this.

When I was younger I use to listen to certain two British girl groups that were highly popular at that time. Then it was quite common that the fans of the other group dissed the other group. It almost felt like it was unacceptable for me to like both of these groups. But I have always failed to see the reasons behind these kind of logics...

I mean, if you find an artist with similar music than your favourite, then why not try to like this artist too instead of going on full rage mode? You could find some amazing songs. I personally like to listen to a lot of different kinds of music, so I don't just get that well the idea of sticking with just one singer/band... For me it is like: if I like an artist, I am eager to listen to other similar artists because there is a high chance of me liking them.

Hating on an artist because they sound/look similar to your favourite is one of the most pointless things ever; How many singers/bands are there that do not sound at all like some other artist? I bet none. Artists are always inspired by others. Saying someone is copying someone, especially if it is a highly common genre, is stupid. It is impossible to do anything 100% original with so many songs out there. And the hater's favourites surely sound like some other artists too.

Other thing that makes me wonder is the time these haters spend spreading mean words and such. Some can post A LOT of mean comments during the day and have long fights on Twitter or YouTube in example. Seriously, what is the point here? Nobody gains anything from this so why waste your time? I know, I would much rather spend my time doing something useful. If I don't like something, I simply move on and go to listen to something I like.

Only reason I can think of is that these haters are (as cliché as this might sound) so miserable with their lives that they need to try make others miserable too. Instead of feeling better, this is sure to make them even more miserable since they are bathing in their hate all the time. So, why not focus on your favourite artists instead of spreading the hate? It would make the haters feel much better, I'm sure.

Well, I hope this post makes even a bit sense. This is just a one thing that always manages to bemuse me. I just don't get why some people want to waste their time like this... My tip for haters:  Enjoy the music you like and let others enjoy what they like! Everyone is a lot happier that way.

[ps. I want to keep my blog a happy place and I gain nothing from insulting artists, so I won't be writing about songs I don't like or go bashing anyone. Nobody should be offended by what I write here.]

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