31 January 2015

Russia #1: Five touching songs

"Music does bring people together; it allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit. No matter what language we speak, what color we are, the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith, music proves: We are the same." - John Denver

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In this post I will feature two Russian female singers, that I really like. One of them I have liked for couple of years already, other one is a newer finding. Let's go...

The first one is Pavla (Павла in Russian). Unfortunately there is not much information online about her. Or might be in Russian, but I can't understand it. So I'll assume (along with her YouTube video views) that she is not very famous. Which is a shame, since at least I like her a lot. She has been fast trying to rise to be my favourite Russian artist. Currently she is number two on my list.

The song above is called не успела /Ne Uspela, which translates something along the words I Didn't Have Time. I first heard this song maybe two or three years ago and I have loved it ever since. I have listened to this song quite a lot. It just keeps remaining good.

Obviously since I do not speak Russian, I do not understand the lyrics. But I have found this song touching whatsoever. I now translated the chorus with Google Translate and it seems she is singing that she did not have time to confess she loved this person and this person fell in love with somebody else. It does go along with the video nicely. The music and her singing make a surprisingly beautiful atmosphere. I especially like the chorus (as usual).

And I also really like the music video. The storyline is good and I like the scarf is used such a symbolic way. I find it beautiful. Though Pavla could do with less eye make-up.

Other touching song by Pavla. This one is called Будь Со Мной /Bud' So Mnoy, which translates (according to Google Translate) Be With Me. There is also a English version called One Million Butterflies with which Pavla competed to represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012. (See her performance here.) She wasn't successful, but for me this was the best song at that Russian national final.

Kinda funny story: When I first heard Ne Uspela, I thought there was something familiar in her, but I couldn't make out what. It took me couple years until I figured out that she was the singer of One Million Butterflies. Obviously wouldn't normally be such a big deal since I listen to so much music, but the thing was that I actually had these two songs almost in a row on my YouTube playlist (three songs in between of them)! I wonder how it took me so long to notice...

Anyways, about the song. This song gives me goosebumps, especially when she first starts singing. There is something creepy in the music. But it actually is beautiful too. I don't know what the Russian lyrics are about, but I find it touching. Since I first heard the English version, it probably created this image of the song for me. But I love both of these versions a lot.

One more song from Pavla. It is called Навсегда /Navsegda, which means Forevermore. I only recently came across this one, even though it has been released already in 2011. I wish I had heard this song already before, since it is so good.

The previous two songs from Pavla had a sad atmosphere and theme. But Navsegda is a positive song. Or at least I think so. I don't understand the lyrics (and I often prefer not to), but the song gives out a positive feeling. My guess is that it is a love song, though could be something else positive too.

There is something touching in this song too. I believe it comes from the music. The beat is good, but there is something kinda magical in the slower parts. The way Pavla sings during those adds up to the feeling. The music video is a bit too simple for my liking, but I think the futuristic look goes well with the music. There is something futuristic in the music too.

Since it has been impossible for me to find any useful information about Pavla, I am not able to list where these songs are available (in which albums, I mean).

The other artist for this post is Zara (Зара in Russian). To her music I came across only recently. But I started to like her immediately. Zara is from Armenian Kurdish origin. The info I am able to find on her on English is limited, but from her Russian Wikipedia page I get that she released her first album already in 1999. And that she has had decent success in the charts.

The song above is called Недолюбила /Ne Do Lyubila (or Nedolyubila?) and it translates into Not To Love. I find the music on this song brilliant. I am not usually a big fan of guitar, but here it sound very good (or at least I think it is a guitar). The sound is somewhat classical and the instruments are strong. And she sings nicely too, but the music is definitely the best part here.

The song sounds very beautiful and there is something touching in it. I have read a translation of the lyrics and they actually are beautiful (though I can't remember exactly what the song is about). And in my opinion there is also something very Russian in it too.

I actually like the music video too, though they could have taken more out of the storyline. I think the scenery goes very well with the song. The story adds an interesting feeling to the song.

The other song from Zara is called Для неё /Dlya Neyo, which means For Her. I find the emotion of this song very sad. She sings very touchingly and the music is beautiful too. And you don't need to understand the lyrics in order to be affected by this song. The music and the singing are enough. I think her voice is just brilliant for this kind of song.

The music video really adds emotion to the song. The storyline idea of the video is brilliant and the execution has been done very well. It is very sad and touching, such like the song. I always like when there is some sort of meaningful symbolic thing in a video, like the glass wall in this (and like the scarf on the first Pavla video of this post).

Для неё /Dlya Neyo is the title song of Zara's album Для неё, which was released in 2009. Недолюбила /Ne Do Lyubila is also part of this album.

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