07 January 2015

Strong female vocals: Spain #1

This week this blog is heading to Europe with songs from two new countries. So far the blog has been surprisingly lacking European music, so lets fix it now.

Today's country is Spain. The following artists are, as far as I have understood, pretty well-known and popular in their homeland. And I can definitely see why.

(Wikipedia: Spain)

Lets start with...

Edurne. My favourite Spanish singer. I do not remember exactly when I heard her song Soy Como Soy for the first time. But it was already few years ago and the single was released in 2010, so I most likely heard it in 2010/2011. If I remember correctly, I first heard some cover version (or English version maybe?) of the song. I did not like that version very much, but luckily I still went to listen to the original song. Because I absolutely love this song.

I find Soy Como Soy (which translates into I am what/who I am) very catchy. I like the beat of this song especially during the chorus. But I also like the music during the verses a lot. Overall great music, but the vocals are what makes it even better. I really like Edurne's voice and it goes well with this type of music. And the way she sings the chorus is what makes it so catchy.

Another song from Edurne, called Oigo Mi Corazón (I hear my heart, in English). Soy Como Soy is kinda heavy and has a strong beat. This song instead is soft and kinda cute. Fairly simple song, but there is still something about it... I am not usually very big fan of "ba ba ba", "da da da", "la la la" and so forth parts, but I really like how Edurne's voice sounds in the repetitive part of this song. It really softens this song in a nice way.

I do not know what the lyrics are about, but I like to imagine that they are something sweet (with the little Spanish I know, it doesn't sound very rough). Well, at least the song sounds sweet, but still manages to be very catchy. And it is very easy to listen to without being boring.

Both Soy Como Soy and Oigo Mi Corazón were released as a single from Edurne's fourth studio album Nueva Piel, which was released in 2010.

Next up is Pastora Soler. She has had a long successful career with her first album being released already 20 years ago. Right now she is taking a break for health reasons.

I have heard some of Pastora's songs in the past, but honestly I did not like any of those much. Then, fairly recently, I heard Te Despertaré (which according to Google Translate translates into I will wake). It was love at the first listen. I never disliked Pastora's voice, but I simply did not like her songs. Now that I found a song I liked, everything just fell perfectly together: the vocals, the music, the overall atmosphere of the song... This song is purely great and Pastora's strong vocals make it touching even though I have no idea what she sings about.

Inspired by Te Despertaré I dared to search for more music from Pastora. I have not become a huge fan of hers, but I found some nice songs and another song that I absolutely love: Vive (Lives in English). Pretty much all of the songs I had so far heard from Pastora had been ballads, so this one really stood out.

I really like the sound of this song. There is something classical, but also something modern in it. It has a positive atmosphere without being overly happy. Pastora's vocals make an impression in this song too. It is surprisingly catchy, as I am use to this type of music not being that catchy. A great song in a simple way.

Vive and Te Despertaré are available on Pastora's newest album Conóceme, which was released in 2013. I think I really need to get this album, since I love these two songs so much.

One more song, which is Mira Lo Que Te Has Perdió by Diana Navarro. Google Translate doesn't give a good translation, so I go assuming that the title of this song means Look What You Have Lost. Don't quote me on that. This is how Wikipedia describes her music: "Her songs usually mix genres like copla and flamenco with different rhythms like Arabic or classical music." Sound highly interesting, doesn't it?

Mira Lo Que Te Has Perdió is quite theatrical in my opinion. In a good way of course (because theatrical does not automatically mean it is good). It is dramatic and there is something creepy in it, which is a plus in my books. Some of the parts in this song, particularly the chorus, remind me of opera. And I love opera. The song is quite complex, which makes it interesting, but without being confusing. A very interesting style definitely.

This song can be found on Diana's 2012 album Género Chica and also on her 2013 collection album La Esencia.

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