10 January 2015

Strong pop beats: Estonia #1

Now it is time for the second European country of this week. And it is Estonia.

Wikipedia: Estonia

All of the songs I have chosen for this post are by female artists (as per usual...) and unfortunately in English. I have heard bunch of Estonian songs, but I have not liked them much. Maybe this is because they have mostly been ballads and I am not a big fan of those. Or maybe because Estonian language is so similar to Finnish that I do not find it very pretty. Who knows... But whatever the language, I really like these songs.

So lets start...

Tanja, also known as Tanja Mihhailova. She has been active in Estonian music scene since 2001 and has had success in Baltic states. For wider audience she is known for representing Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest last year. Her Eurovision song was the song above, Amazing.

I first heard Amazing during the Eesti Laul 2014 and liked it immediately. Since then the song has actually grown on me more and I have started liking it even better. I listened to this quite lot during the last months of 2014. It is fairly simple in the end, but still catchy. I already like the music a lot, but put in Tanja's vocals and it becomes great. I like the edge she has in her voice.

Her Eurovision performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wi9Q1ufjooE.

Another song from Tanja, called Forevermore. Even though the song is very summery and was released in July, I obviously heard it for the first time in October of November (which counts as winter in here). Summer song or not, it is great.

I like the music of this song too a lot. Especially during the chorus and the sound that possible comes from some instrument (trust me not to recognize any instruments besides piano, and maybe not that either). Tanja's vocals are great too. I like that the song sounds so positive and fresh. Perfect for summer, but works other times too.

Both of these two Tanja's songs have been released as singles and Amazing also as an EP. They are fairly recent songs, so they are not part of any of her albums, but I'd assume they will be on her next one.

Next up is Elina Born. She is fairly new artist, releasing her first single in 2013. She has not published many songs, but that does not stop me liking her.

Mystery was released in last August. I first heard this song sometime during autumn. It is that kind of song that I usually tend to like, which was the case this time too. I like the strong beat it has and the way Elina sings the chorus. I am not too keen on this kind of lyrics, but since the song is otherwise great I don't mind. Those "um la la la" (or whatever syllables she sings) bits add something special to this song.

So far Elina has released only three singles. But I think she has lots of potential, so I'll curiously wait to hear more music from her. She is competing in this year's Eesti Laul.

Probably one of the best known (or the best?) Estonian singers beyond Estonia: Kerli. She is currently under an American record label and her songs have had success in the USA and Europe. Her first official single Walking On Air was released in 2008 and it charted decently in many countries. I believe it is her best known song.

I came across Walking On Air when it was popular back in 2008. I liked it and some other Kerli song. Then times went on and I forgot about it. Searching music for this blog entry couple months ago I came across her name. I remembered listening to her, but couldn't remember the song. I just remembered her style from the music video because it is kinda memorable.

Obviously I had to listen to this song again. I did like it in 2008, but in six years my taste has changed and now I liked this song a lot more! Maybe it is because now I could understand the lyrics better, which adds a lot to this song. This type of music stands out from the mass and is nice change for the usually charters. What makes this song great is that it is meaningful. Don't let the theme and story fool you, it is deeper than that. Though I believe a big part of Kerli's appeal comes from the way she dresses and the music videos.

Since 2008 Kerli has releases more music and I of course had to listen to more of her songs after I was reunited with Walking On Air. One song that stood out for me as even better than Walking On Air was Zero Gravity.

I like the music a lot. There are softer parts and parts with heavy beat, and all these match together nicely. Kerli sings quite differently here compared to Walking On Air, and I personally prefer this style. And I like the lyrics a lot. I have had this song stuck in my head quite many times during the past months. Overall I love this song a lot.

Walking On Air is available in her album Love Is Dead, which was released in 2008. Zero Gravity is not part of any album, but was released as a single in 2012.

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