19 January 2015

Taiwan #1: The beautiful and the powerful

Today's music comes from Taiwan.

Wikipedia: Taiwan

Without any further introduction, let's get to the music. First up is...

a girl group called S.H.E. The group has had a successful career in Taiwan and beyond since their debut in 2001. They sing mostly in Mandarin Chinese and their main genre is Mandopop (Mandarin pop music). For me personally, they are my top favourite Taiwanese group.

The song above is called 愛就對了 (Ai Jiu Dui Le), which means Love So Right in English. This song is actually a Chinese version of a song called Angel by an American singer Kate Voegele (Which I find great too. You can listen to it here.). S.H.E's version is fairly different from Kate's version, especially from the lyrics. S.H.E sings that love can be hard and cause you suffering, but it is worth it all to love.

This was the first S.H.E song I heard and I loved it immediately. It still remains as my favourite song from the group. I like how it has a pop rock shade while still being a pop song (I believe, but knowing my genre knowledge I could be wrong). The lyrics are good, and I actually already liked the Chinese lyrics without even speaking Mandarin. The words just sound so nice here. I especially like the very last line and the way they sing it: It leaves me with an interesting feeling and a yearning to listen to the song again.

SHERO is another great track by S.H.E. I like how the beat kicks in at the start and immediately hooks you on. This song is very rock-like and has a strong sound to it. It is kinda different from the usual sound of S.H.E, which mostly constructs of fairly slow songs like ballads and acoustic songs.

As you might be able to tell by the title, the lyrics of this song tell women that they can do things by themselves and be their own heroes: sheroes (she+hero, obviously). The song has a nice powerful message accompanied by a powerful music. I really love the music and the members have some interesting vocals here. A very strong song.

One more song from S.H.E. This one is called 我愛雨夜花 (Wo Ai Yu Ye Hua), which according to Wikipedia, means I Love Rainy Night Flower. The title sounds quite mysterious, doesn't it? In my opinion, the song does in fact have a mysterious feeling to it. But without being cold or dark.

I actually have not read the lyrics, but the feeling I get from this song is that is warm and earthy. I especially love how the rap parts combine with the rest of this song; Such an interesting combination. For me this is a natural sounding song that gets me to think about the world (the lyrics could be something totally different, but what does that matter anyway?). I feel there is something deep to it.

All of these three songs are from S.H.E's album SHERO. The album was released in 2010. And, by the way, I did not purposely pick all the songs from the same album. These just happen to my favourites. And there are other great songs on this album too!

Moving on...

Angela Zhang, also written as Angela Chang, with her song 其實很愛你 (Qi Shi Hen Ai Ni), which Google Translate translates into In fact, I Love You. I am usually not very into ballads, but this song managed to make me fall in love with immediately. This song and artist are fairly new findings for me (though the song was released already in 2007 and Angela debuted in 2000), but I like her already.

Qi Shi Hen Ai Ni (pardon me, if there are any mistakes translating these names) is a very pretty song. I do not know what she sings about, but the music and her voice make the song very touching. She has a quite interesting voice. I like the chorus the most, but overall it is a very beautiful song. And like I have said before: It takes a lot for me to like a ballad. And this one is nearly perfect.

The song was released in Angela's 2007 album Flower In The Wonderland (Chinese title: 夢裡花).

Last up is another girl group, this time a bit different in style. Super 7 is the name of this group. Unfortunately it is hard to find almost any info on them online and it seems that they only released couple of songs (maybe due to the fact I am getting soon). That doesn't stop me from loving this song.

The song is called 麥囉嗦, which romanizes into Mai Luo Suo, but I am not sure if I should trust the Google Translate translation of the title, so let's leave it out. I do not usually like repetitive choruses, but this song is just so highly catchy! The music just works amazingly here. It is a bit electronic and very dancy song. Only minus in my opinion are the unnecessary male rap parts, but otherwise I find this song great. Catchy and dancy: my favourite kind of music.

If you go to the YouTube video, you can see there is a lot dislike and hateful comments on this video. This is due to the song/video/I-have-not-figured-out-exactly-what being, supposedly, similar to something done by a Korean girl group Girls' Generation (aka SNSD). Even though I am not a huge fan of Girls' Generation, I have heard fairly many songs from them, and I have not heard anything like this Super 7 song. Besides, this is a very common style for a song. This matter actually inspires me to write a whole another post on it (since my opinion is too long the include in this one), so I will not get too into it in here. Now I am just saying that all the hate this song gets is just so stupid and unfortunately it seems that it caused this band not to release more songs. Such a shame...

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