24 January 2015

Venezuela #1: Songs from a telenovela and beyond

It is time for the second South American country featured in this blog. And it is Venezuela.

Wikipedia: Venezuela

For me Venezuela is THE land of telenovelas. Technically you could say telenovelas are Spanish soap operas, but telenovela is a popular type of shows beyond Spanish-speaking countries too. I love telenovelas (unfortunately I have not seen too many since they are hard to come by here) and my ultimate favourite is a show called Mi Gorda Bella (My Fat Beauty as translated, the English title is My Sweet Fat Valentina). Artists featured in this post and some of these songs I found from this telenovela.

First up is Jeremías. He was born in London, but is from Venezuelan origin and has lived there since he was little. He got known for making the theme song for the telenovela Mi Gorda Bella in 2003 and has had success in Spanish-speaking world. Unfortunately I can't find any actual info about what he has been up to in recent years.

The song above is called La Cita, which translates into date/appointment. This was a theme song for one of the couples in that telenovela. Honestly, I did not like this song while watching the show (any of the times watching it). I never disliked it, just didn't pay much attention to it. Then I listened to it completely and I absolutely loved it!

During this January I have actually been listening this song a lot and it is one of my favourite songs this month. I like the softness of this song and the rhythm is awesome. There is something very latino in it and it is highly dancy song (not in the way I usually mean, but rather in a partner dance way).

Other song from Jeremías that was featured in Mi Gorda Bella. This was the theme song of the show and its main couple. The name of the song, Poco A Poco, means Little By Little. This song always throws me back into memories of the show (during the beginning I always get the show's opening running in me head), so it is a very nostalgic song for me.

I find this song very happy. The music and the beat are very uplifting. Jeremías' style of singing in this makes it even more cheerful. It is a love song and the lyrics are quite nice too. But I don't think it is necessary to understand the lyrics to enjoy this song. It is just so amazing. I always go back to this song and love it as much as the first time I heard it (which I believe was in 2006).

Jeremías has so many awesome songs. It probably is partly due to his voice, which I really like. It has a nice edge in it. Picking out a third song from Jeremías was the hardest decision I have made so far in this blog. I just love so many is his songs! The winner ended up being a song called Uno Y Uno Es Igual A Tres, because I have been listening to it a lot lately.

You might be able to translate the title even without knowledge in Spanish: One And One Equals Three. And no, it is not a beautiful song about having a baby. Instead, as you can tell by the music video, it is about cheating. This song is very catchy. I find to beat and his singing quite cheerful even when the lyrics are not (there is a pistol involved...). Interesting contrast and I love it.

La Cita and Poco A Poco were released in Jeremías' self-titled album Jeremías in 2003. Uno Y Uno Es Igual A Tres is part of his second album Ese Que Va Por Ahí, which was released in 2006.

A boy band from Venezuela: A.5, which is pronounced as A Punto Cinco (A Dot Five). Unfortunately I am not able to find information on them online. Or actually I can find info, but I just do not understand it since my Spanish skills suck. (Actually I can understand surprisingly much even though I haven't studied Spanish at all. Thanks to telenovelas.) But I believe this group doesn't make music anymore. Though I have been able to find some solo music from some of them.

The song above is called Supervisor De Tus Sueños, which means Supervisor Of Your Dreams. The song was featured in the Mi Gorda Bella telenovela as the theme song of my favourite couple. I have loved this song ever since I first heard it. I find it incredibly beautiful. One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard, definitely.

I am actually not a romantic person and usually not much into romantic lyrics and such. But these lyrics are just so beautiful. You can read the lyrics and English translation here: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/supervisor-de-tus-suenos-supervisor-your-dreams.html. I find them somehow personally touching, which rarely happens with love songs. Besides the lyrics, the music and the way the boys sing the song just make it even more beautiful. So wonderful.

This was actually the 100th song I featured in my blog. An excellent choice for this small milestone.

A.5 has also other great songs. One of them is Solo Con Mirarte. Google Translate says that the title means Just By Looking At You. I have not read the lyrics, but I assume this is a love song. At least it sounds like so.

I have noticed that quite many of A.5 songs (of those I have heard obviously) are fairly similar in style. I guess this is their trademark sound. And I do like it. This something soft in their voices and music. Their songs are easy to listen to and they are usually touching. At least Solo Con Mirarte manages to touch me with just the music and singing. It sounds very beautiful. The chorus especially is brilliant.

Supervisor De Tus Sueños is found on the album of the same name, which was released in 2004. I was not able to find out when Solo Con Mirarte was released.

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