28 February 2015

Eurovision Song Contest 2015: First impressions 2/4

The second part of my first impression reviews of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 songs. You can read the first part here. In these four posts I am rating the songs and telling me opinions. It is highly possible that my opinions change before the actual contest, especially if some of the songs get updated. I will make my top-list after all the songs have been chosen and right before the contest, for comparison.

Wikipedia: Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Here are the next ten songs, in the release order:

María Ólafsdóttir - Unbroken: Okay, this song is quite generic and not very original, but for some reason I like it. It is sweet. The music is fairly catchy and she sings nicely. I do not usually like so simple songs, but this works for me. A cute little song that gets 8/10.

Il Volo - Grande Amore: I definitely can see why people seem to like this one. It just does not hit me. I usually tend to like this kind of songs, but not this that much. I like the music, so I think it is the vocals that I do not like so much. It is not bad, but just not for me. I am still giving it 6/10 since there is still an actual chance that this song grows on me.

Bojana Stamenov - Ceo Svet Je Moj: My first thought when I heard this song was that this is my favourite selected song so far. This is the first song selected that I really like. My only worry is that it is that kind of song which gets boring after few listens. Honestly, the second time I listened this, I did not love it as much as the first time. But I still love it, so I am hoping it will last. 9/10.

Monika Linkyte & Vaidas Baumila - This Time: This is okay, but I do not find it very special. They sing well, the music is nice and it is a catchy song, but it is still missing something. I do like the country sound it has even though I am usually not a very big country music fan. It is decent song, so I will give it 6/10. This might be a grower though.

Elina Born & Stig Rästa - Goodbye To Yesterday: I recently blogged about Elina Born, so I was really happy to find out she was participating the national selection and even more happier when I heard the song. I really like this one. I usually do not care for ballads, but there is something very special in this one. I love when songs have a story like this. I am considering between 9 and 10, but I think I will actually give this 10/10.

Aminata - Love Injected: I really loved Aminata's song in Latvia's last year's selection (she unfortunately was not chosen), so I was happy to read she was participating again this year. I really like her singing. And I really like this song. I like the exotic sound it has, it is catchy and the music overall is great. She just screams a bit too much for my liking, which is the only fault in this song. That's why I will give it 9/10.

Molly Sterling - Playing With Numbers: I do not like this. I can not exactly tell what is wrong with this one, but I just simply do not like it. There is nothing special in it, but then again nothing incredibly bad either. 5/10.

Maraaya - Here For You: I find her voice kinda annoying. The song itself is not that bad. I sort of like it and sort of don't. But I think I overall fall more towards of liking it. But on a long run I am probably starting to get annoyed by this. So far I am giving it 6/10.

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät - Aina Mun Pitää: And once again I am ashamed of being from Finland (I have gotten use to this feeling by this time). This song is nothing but a total mess and unbearable to listen. I feel it is kinda disrespectful for other artists that the song is only half the length of a normal Eurovision song; like they are not even putting their all into it. But then again, why would someone want to listen three minutes of this... 0/10.

Eduard Romanyuta - I Want Your Love: More random noise to this year's contest... The music I really like, but honestly I find the singer horrible. I really do not feel like listening to him sing. 3/10 for the music.

My top10 so far:
1. Estonia
2. Latvia
3. Serbia
4. Georgia
5. Iceland
6. Switzerland
7. Lithuania
8. Italy
9. Slovenia
10. Cyprus

Overall impression so far:
These ten new songs are definitely a lot better than most of the previously chosen one. The quality of this year's contest has risen a lot, but I still feel it is lower than usually. There is still not a one song that really blow my mind and usually in the contests there is at least two of those. But there is still the other half left, so I am hopeful.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 semi-finals take place in 19 May and 21 May, and the final in 23 May.

[I usually do not want to write negative things about songs, but reviewing Eurovision songs sorta requires that. I still try to keep my comments fairly nice. These are just my opinions and I am not a professional: I am just a major consumer of music and a long term fan of Eurovision Song Contest.]

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