21 February 2015

Slovakia #1: Twin power

Since I like to have different formats in my blog posts, today I will feature my favourite band from the country of Slovakia.

Wikipedia: Slovakia

I have actually been really into their music lately, so this is a good time to blog about them. So, without any unnecessary waffling, let's get to the business.

The group is called TWiiNS. And as you can probably tell by the name, it is consisted of twin sisters. The sisters are called Daniela and Veronika, and they released their first album, Tweens, already back in 2000 when they are just 14 years old. So, they have a long career behind them already. Their albums have had good success in Slovakia. Their early songs are in Slovak, but later on they have started to sing in English.

The song above in called Compromise. This is my personal favourite song from TWiiNS. I am usually not a big fan of ballads, but I really love this one. I find this song very touching; Maybe that's because I can somewhat relate to the lyrics, so this song has a personal feeling to me. The lyrics are definitely my favourite thing about this song. But I also love the music and the vocals. They all sound emotional and make this song very beautiful.

For many Europeans TWiiNS are known as the representatives of Slovakia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Their song was called I'm Still Alive (found above). That is how I too came across to them originally (has it really been so long already!). Unfortunately TWiiNS did not make it in to the final. They were still one of my ultimate favourites that year and I still love their Eurovision song. You can watch the performance here. I, by the way, seriously love their outfits, both in the performance and the music video.

As I said before, I do not usually like ballads, but I love I'm Still Alive too. Again the lyrics are my favourite thing about this song and I can personally connect to them so well. And they have a good message too. I also love TWiiNS' vocals and the music is very good. It is a quite simple song, but still beautiful. Actually, this kind of songs tend to work better if they are simple enough, but not too much to become boring. And this song works perfectly.

"Now nothing can touch me 
I've seen what I can be
Lonely I've walked through the fire
But I’m still alive"

Recently TWiiNS have been more quiet on the release front, but from their Facebook page I get that they are having performances and television appearances around Europe. Before they were working in the United States with some famous producers. In late 2013 they released their single One Night Stand (above), which featured the highly famous American rapper Flo Rida.

I am not a big fan of lyrics of this kind, but these are not all bad. Still I don't like the lyrics that much, but the rest of this song I really like. I find this very catchy and it has been stuck in my head quite few times. I like the overall sound of this song: It is somehow rougher than the songs of this kind usually are. It is probably thanks to the sisters' vocals, which I really love here. They might be highly auto-tuned or whatever, but I don't mind; They sound very good.

Continuing on the party mood: This song is called Slip Of The Tongue. The lyrics tell a story about meeting someone at a party, then leaving outside for a little while and when coming back that person is already kissing another one. I always love when the lyrics have a bit of unusual story; I don't remember hearing other songs exactly like this.

The music is definitely my kind of music: It is catchy, dancy and strong. I really like some of the sounds, like the ones after the chorus. The beats are very strong and the song becomes quite dark actually. The vocals are also great and they add a nice edge to the song.

Last up is a song called I Don't Know. The first four songs were not so happy, give or take on One Night Stand, but this song I find happy. The lyrics tell about falling in love, though not knowing why. So a bit bittersweet feeling? But the music is very positive sounding and uplifting. And the vocals add to that brilliantly (I really like how TWiiNS' voices nicely alter to fit all kinds of different songs). It is a fun and catchy dance song, that manages to make at least me smile.

I believe that Compromise, Slip Of The Tongue and I Don't Know are from TWiiNS' 2009 album Compromise. I'm Still Alive is not part of any TWiiNS album, but besides being a single it has been released at least on the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 album. One Night Stand has been released just as a single.

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