19 March 2015

Eurovision Song Contest 2015: Collective first impressions + Top40

In the past weeks I have released my Eurovision Song Contest 2015 first impressions posts featuring my comments and ratings of the songs competing this year. You can read the first part here, the second part here, the third part here and the final part here. If you do not know what the Eurovision Song Contest is, you can read about it on i.e. Wikipedia.

I have mentioned that I am making my complete top-list after all the songs have been chosen and then right before the contest, for comparison. Now I am doing the first part of that. Like I mentioned in my previous post: I was originally going to feature this post as a part of that post, but it would have gotten just too long. So I am writing this separate post. I am also commenting on the songs that have been edited and how those edits have affected my points. If the edits do not affect my points, I'll just leave them out.

Wikipedia: Eurovision Song Contest 2015

I will start with the edits, in the order in which the songs were originally released:

F.Y.R. MACEDONIA: I think they edited this somehow else too than just changing it into English? I like having different languages in the contest, but I think this song sounds a lot better in English. Or maybe it is partly due to the other changes they did. I earlier found this just average, but not I actually like this. 5/10 -> 7/10 and I almost gave an 8.

BELARUS: I do not know what they exactly changed, but this sounds a lot better now. I originally wrote that I could be tortured with this song, since that is how mind-numbing I found it. Now that is gone. The song is still too repetitive for my liking, but its points went up a lot: 1/10 -> 4/10 and this might grow on me more. EDIT: Between the few days of writing this part and now while finishing this post I have actually started to like this song a lot more. Definitely a grower. 1/10 -> 4/10 -> 6/10.

ALBANIA: Well, this is actually a whole new song, but I am still commenting on it here. I seriously disliked the mess that was their first song. This new song is so much better. I am still not a huge fan of it, but it is decent. 0/10 -> 5/10 and this too could be a grower.

GEORGIA: I do not if it is thanks to the changes they did or if this song just grew on me, but I started to love this, instead of just liking. This might be the song I have listened to most so far. I think I am actually rising Georgia's points to the max: 8/10 -> 10/10. And so they just received my second full points of the year.

SWITZERLAND: This goes up by one point, though I do not believe they did any changes. It is just a grower. 6/10 -> 7/10.

SERBIA: I stated originally that I was worried this would get boring after few listens. Unfortunately, that is the case. I have not even listened this many times and already it has lose a point. Changing the language into English had a huge affect, in a negative way. I do not like the English lyrics and it sounded so much better in Serbia. 9/10 -> 8/10, so it still remains in my top10, but most likely not anymore in May.

MOLDOVA: Originally I said I really liked the music, but could not listen to the singer. Maybe it was because of the live version, but now listening to this I do not find his voice any bad. Quite the opposite. I really like this song now. It makes a huge leap in my list: 3/10 -> 8/10.

GERMANY: "Maybe this is a grower and with few more listens I start to like this even more?", is what I wrote in my previous review. It had already grow on my at that point from when it was chosen and now it has grown even more. 6/10 -> 7/10.

ROMANIA: This has gone up in my points. I have found more deepness from this, though they have not changed it music-wise. I am happy they kept it mostly Romanian since I prefer that version, but I also like that it is partly in English. Understanding the meaning of the song really adds feeling to it. 8/10 -> 9/10.

BELGIUM: This sounds now far less annoying than the first time I heard it. Nothing has been changed, but I find this now more interesting too. Maybe I just needed a bit time to get use to this type of music? 3/10 -> 5/10.

And both THE NETHERLANDS and ARMENIA go up one point 2/10 -> 3/10 to make them fit better on my overall list. I have not changed my mind on these songs, but they are slightly better than the others I gave a 2.

That was surprisingly many point changes already! Of the rest I still feel the same way and comments are readable in my first impressions posts.

Overall impression:
I am not a big fan of ballads, but if they have something special in them or they somehow else stand out from the crowd I might like them. Most of this year's ballads are just bland regular ballads, so I find them incredibly boring. I have compered this year to previous ones I have watched and this might be my least favourite year. There is some very good songs, but I doubt there will be many I am still listening after the competition.

Winner predictions? From what I have read on Eurovision fan forums, looking at the bets and years of experience, I would say the winner is either Estonia, Sweden or Italy. Personally I of course hope for Estonia since it is my favourite, but I think that a ballad probably will not win this year. Norway and Slovenia also seem popular. I kinda would like to see Slovenia win because it is a smaller country without any wins and it usually does not have success in the Eurovision. Usually there is one top winner candidate, but this year there is not, so there could also be a surprise victory coming up in May.

And finally, here is the complete list. Let's see how it changes before May.
I have tried to adapt the points to the overall quality of this year's songs. So, they are not compatible with other years, but rather with each other. This is just how I usually like to do it, since it gives out a better overall impression of the current year.


01. Estonia
02. Georgia
03. United Kingdom
04. Spain
05. Latvia
06. Romania
07. Israel
08. Iceland
09. Azerbaijan
10. Serbia
11. Moldova
12. Australia
13. Poland
14. Macedonia
15. San Marino
16. Switzerland
17. Germany
18. Russia
19. Slovenia
20. Sweden
21. Italy
22. Lithuania
23. Belarus
24. Belgium
25. Montenegro
26. Albania
27. Portugal
28. Cyprus
29. Ireland
30. Hungary
31. France
32. Malta
33. Armenia
34. Netherlands
35. Norway
36. Greece
37. Czech Republic
38. Denmark
39. Austria
40. Finland

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 semi-finals will take place in 19 May and 21 May, and the final in 23 May.

[I usually do not want to write negative things about songs, but reviewing Eurovision songs sorta requires that. I still try to keep my comments fairly nice. These are just my opinions and I am not a professional: I am just a major consumer of music and a longterm fan of Eurovision Song Contest.]

17 March 2015

Eurovision Song Contest 2015: First impressions 4/4

This is the fourth and final part of my first impression reviews of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 songs. You can read the first part here, the second part here and the third part here. In these posts I have been rating the competing songs and voicing my opinions. It is highly possible that my opinions change before the actual contest in May. I am making my complete top-list now that all the songs have been chosen and then right before the contest, for comparison.

I was originally going to feature my complete top-list in this last first impressions post, but it started to get too long as I wanted to also comment on the edited versions, since there has been some changes on my points because of the edits. So I am writing one more post where I am commenting on the edited versions and release my full top-list on it.

Wikipedia: Eurovision Song Contest 2015

But here are the last ten songs, in the release order:

Genealogy - Don't Deny: I actually liked the idea behind this group, but the song was disappointing. The beginning is boring and as the song goes on it gets very messy. It is all over the place both music-wise and singing-wise. There is just too much stuff going on and still nothing to actually grab on. 2/10.

Nadav Guedj - Golden Boy: What is the point of the ballad start? It originally made me lose my interest immediately and it took quite a while to get my interest back after the song changed. The rest of the song I like a lot. It is a very catchy and fun song, though maybe a bit cliché. I get summery and exotic vibes from it. Without the weird beginning I would give it a 9, but since it sort of ruins the experience for me, the song overall gets 8/10.

The Makemakes - I Am Yours: One of the most boring songs this year. With the other boring songs there is at least a singer I like, but I really dislike this singer's voice and singing style. This song just annoys me. 0/10.

Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes: It starts off as very promising, but with the first chorus it just falls flat. There exists many and many similar songs to this and I can not find anything special about this. I also dislike choruses that just repeats the same thing over and over again. The song is not particularly bad, but nothing special either, so I will give it a 6/10.

Mørland & Debrah Scarlett - A Monster Like Me: This seems to be very popular amongst Eurovision fans, but I do not get why. For me this is just a regular ballad without anything to make it stand out. I have hard time to listen through this since I lose all my interest early on. It might be partly due to the fact I am really tired of all these ballads, but I also honestly can not find anything special from this. 2/10.

Elnur Hüseynov - Hour Of The Wolf: I surprisingly like this. It is one of the better ballads this year. The instruments and the changes in the tempo make it more interesting than just a bland ballad. I like the dramatic feel the chorus gives out. I did not like him when he represented Azerbaijan in 2008, but now he does not sound bad. 8/10.

Michele Perniola & Anita Simoncini - Chain Of Lights: It is a nice sweet song. It reminds me of Switzerland's Eurovision song from 2006. I honestly was expecting a different kind of song, but this is not too bad. It is not amongst my top favourites, but I could see myself listening this even after the Eurovision, at least a few times. 7/10.

Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices: I kind of like this, but then again not. Even with leaving the politics out, the lyrics somewhat annoy me. Her voice is nice, but I personally do not like this kind of voice in a song like this. I can not explain it better, but for me the voice and music do not fit together. It is still a bit better than average, so 6/10.

Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again: It is not some ultimately great song, but a decent track. It is catchy and fun. I believe this will stand out in the final since there is no other song like this competing. I am not usually too much of a fan of this type of music, but this is fairly good. I think this will probably grow on me more before May, but it might also start to annoy me. I am pondering between 7 and 8, but I think that for now I am going with a 8/10.

Knez - Adio: After listening to this for the first time, I had nothing to say since I completely forgot it immediately afterwards. This is just not my kind of music. There is nothing specifically bad in it, but it just does not affect me anyhow. Though I do like his voice and some of the music. I would like the like this, but I just do not. But I do not dislike it either. 5/10.

Overall impression so far:
I lack an interest to listen to almost all of the competing songs, which is not a good sign, since I usually play on repeat the Eurovision songs around this time of the year. I usually struggle forming a top10 even with the years when there were less countries competing because there are so many good songs to choose from. I usually do not even have a song I gave a 8 in my top10, but now I have a few. I am still living in a hope that more songs will grow on me, like couple already has. More about that on the next and the final part of these first impressions.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 semi-finals will take place in 19 May and 21 May, and the final in 23 May.

[I usually do not want to write negative things about songs, but reviewing Eurovision songs sorta requires that. I still try to keep my comments fairly nice. These are just my opinions and I am not a professional: I am just a major consumer of music and a long-term fan of Eurovision Song Contest.]

11 March 2015

Eurovision Song Contest 2015: First impressions 3/4

This is the third part of my first impression reviews of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 songs. You can read the first part here and the second part here. In these four posts I am rating the songs and voicing my opinions. It is highly possible that my opinions change before the actual contest, especially if some of the songs get updated (like some already have). I will make my top-list after all the songs have been chosen and right before the contest, for comparison.

Wikipedia: Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Here are the next ten songs, in the release order:

Boggie - Wars For Nothing: The lyrics have a nice message sure, but these kind of lyrics just do not strike me nowdays. More like they kind of annoy me... Maybe I have become cynical or something. She does sing well and I like her voice, but the overall sound just remains too bland. Towards the end, it gets a bit better, but it does not help to save it from being soporific. 4/10.

Edurne - Amanecer: I somewhat recently blogged about Spanish music and featured Edurne mentioning she was my favourite Spanish singer. Coincidentally about a week later it was announced that she was the Spanish representative. I had very high hopes for this song, but unfortunately it is not as good as I hoped. I still like this very much. The music especially I find amazing. The chorus just lacks something and it is left a bit bland and hard to remember. With more catchier chorus, this would get full points from me, but now just 9/10, which is also great.

Maria Elena Kiriakou - One Last Breath: Zzzzz... I am not a fan of ballads, but I would like one if there was something special in it. This is just a regular ballad without anything special in it. There is so many other songs like this. 2/10 because it is not horrible, just incredibly boring and uncreative.

Ann Sophie - Black Smoke: These type of songs are that kind of that I either like it or hate it. This is sort of a dual case. The song is actually catchy and I like the music. But I do not like her voice; I find it annoying. But I notice that it annoys me less now than when the song was chosen, so maybe I am getting use to her singing. My rating has risen since the song was chose and I am giving this 6/10 already. Maybe this is a grower and with few more listens I start to like this even more?

Electro Velvet - Still In Love With You: I have noticed this song is getting a lot of hate in the Eurovision community. But I personally really like this. Maybe this is just my kind of humour? I find this song funny without being too ridiculous. I always love these kind of lyrics that have more of a story than just general blah blah blah. The music is catchy. Only minuses are the weird skiddy-beep-bop-doo part and the fact that I sometimes can not make clear what the woman sings. 9/10.

Leonor Andrade - Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa: Yet again a generic ballad. I do not remember this song afterwards. There are few things I like about the music, but they are not any special. She has a nice voice so it is a shame the song is so unremarkable. 5/10 for the few things I like in this song.

Voltaj - De La Capăt: I like the singer's voice a lot (it reminds me of someone, but I can not think of who...). The music is great too and I like especially the chorus. I actually get slight goosebumps from this. Still the song lacks something, but I can not get a hold of what that something is exactly. 8/10.

Monika Kuszyńska - In The Name Of Love: This is within the better kind of ballads. Maybe it is mostly thanks to her voice. Honestly I can not make clear of most she sings, but I still find this song touching. The music is a bit above average, but her voice really makes this better. It is not incredibly special, but a lot better than average ballads. 7/10.

Marta Jandová & Václav Noid Bárta - Hope Never Dies: I lose my interest very early on. It is just yet another generic (rock) ballad. I find it uninteresting and there is nothing special. In some parts it even sounds messy. And I personally do not like their voices, which makes this hard to listen for me. 1/10.

Loïc Nottet - Rhythm Inside: I do not usually like this kind of music and I do not like this either. The music is annoying and his voice is not much better either. Some parts are very highly annoying. I kind of like the chorus, but that is the only sort of plus I can find. I am pondering between 2 and 3, but I think I will go with 3/10 since at least this is not boring.

And here is my top10 so far:
1. Estonia
2. United Kingdom
3. Latvia
4. Spain
5. Serbia
6. Georgia
7. Iceland
8. Romania
9. Poland
10. Switzerland

Overall impression so far:
There is just so many ballads, that I can not even tell them apart anymore. This contest is seriously getting to be a snoozefest... I know ballads had success last year, but I find it stupid to choose ballads because of that: The winner is usually different than the previous year's winner. I think all these ballads will destroy each other and the non-ballads will stand out. I am still hoping for something incredible since so far I do not have an ultimate favourite, let alone two, like previous years.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 semi-finals will take place in 19 May and 21 May, and the final in 23 May.

[I usually do not want to write negative things about songs, but reviewing Eurovision songs sorta requires that. I still try to keep my comments fairly nice. These are just my opinions and I am not a professional: I am just a major consumer of music and a long-term fan of Eurovision Song Contest.]

08 March 2015

Original & Covers: Dschinghis Khan

Wikipedia: Dschinghis Khan
Like a mentioned in my previous post, this post is in my Original & Covers series. It is in my normal format of one original song and two covers of it. One cover is by the group from my previous post, as I said this post would relate to that post.

These three songs are very funny, at least in my opinion. (I am currently studying for the second patch of my school finals, so funny songs come in place!) I find it quite interesting how so different artists perform this same song and how interestingly different their versions are, yet still a lot alike.

Here is the original:


And the song is Dschinghis Khan by a group also called Dschinghis Khan. The group is a German pop music band. Originally the group was formed to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1979 with this song. They placed fourth. The group continued together for few years after the contest until breaking up. It seems that the group became active again in 2005, though with fewer members since two of them have passed away.

The song Dschinghis Khan became a huge hit after its release. Not only in Europe, but also around Asia and there is numerous cover versions done (I think one day I will make it an operation to listen to them all). These cover versions range from languages such as Spanish to Cantonese and Yiddish. For me the second version in this post is a very odd cover, but who knows what kind of random pearls lies amongst all of these other covers... Maybe this post will end up getting a sequel in the unknown future.

Anyways, about the song itself. I really enjoy this song. I find it very humorous without it actually being too funny. What I mean is that it does not sound so much like a joke song, but rather a seriously takeable song. I am usually not too much of a fan of German language in songs, since for me it sounds too rough. But in this song the language sounds really amazing. I do not know if it is the way they sing or if the language just fits this type of music. I would describe the song as funny, catchy and a bit dramatic.

But into the first cover version we go now...


It is by a Finnish singer called Frederik. He is very well known in Finland and has had a long successful career. His version of Dschinghis Khan is called Tsingis Khan, which is the Finnish way of writing the name. Tsingis Khan was released the same year as the original song on Frederik's album which was also named Tsingis Khan. The song is actually one of Frederik's best known songs and I dare to say most of Finnish people known the song.

This was the first version that I heard of this song. I had heard this many times while growing up and I was kind of surprised to find out it was originally Germany's Eurovision entry and that it was so popular all over the world. According to Wikipedia, according to Frederik's website the composer of Dschinghis Khan, Ralph Siegel considered Frederik's version better than the original. I myself do not rank different versions, since I like them in different ways.

Wikipedia describes Frederik's singing as machostyle disco and pop music. When I was planning on this post machostyle pop was I how I planned on describing this song, though I could not think of such a great wording. I find Frederik's version more macho and masculine than the original. Somehow it feels less cheerful and less uptempo. I would say this version feels more serious, sound-wise. I do not understand the original lyrics, but this version's are quite funny sounding with the rhyming and such. So it is still a very funny song, but has a more serious macho sound.

And the other cover version is...


the promised version by Berryz Kobo (Berryz工房). I will not go on introducing Berryz Kobo here, since I did that on my previous post just couple days ago. Like I said on that post, Berryz Kobo is the other one of my two ultimate favourite bands and their version of this song missed my top10 list just by just, placing on a shared 11th place.

Since Berryz Kobo is a Japanese group, their version has a Japanese name ジンギスカン , which just means Dschinghis Khan (you'd think that by now I would already be able to write that without help..). It was released as a single in 2008 and later that year in their album 5 (FIVE). The song charted fifth on Japan's weekly single charts.

When I had recently became a fan of Berryz Kobo, I was looking at their older material and noticed this song's name. I am not sure had I only heard the Finnish version at that point or also the original, but I thought the name reminded me of the song, but it did not cross my mind it would actual be the same song, since Berryz Kobo has such a different style. Later I learned that the original version was a huge hit in Japan back in the day.

I find this version also very funny, maybe funniest of these all. The others sound a bit serious, when this on the other not at all. The song has been made to fit a girl group consisting of underage girls by making it more cheerful and toning down the lyrics (I read that in the original they sing about raping, which obviously is not okay subject for such a young girls to sing about). Berryz Kobo's voices are not usually this high-pitched, so I assume they have been altered to make this version sound funnier. I think successfully. It is already by itself a funny song, but comparing it to the other versions in this post makes it hilarious because I still find it sort of unbelievable they made this kind of version.

Like I already said in this post, I am not ranking these songs or try to pick which is the best. I seriously love all of these versions and really enjoy listening to them. I have noticed that I have at some point become highly interested on Mongolia, especially the country's history, and I believe that these songs are mostly to blame for that, haha!

One thing that I wonder when I listen to any of these songs: What would Genghis Khan think of them?

04 March 2015

Favourite artists: Berryz Kobo, top10. Japan #3

Yesterday other one of my two ultimate favourite bands went on a indefinite hiatus (and unfortunately these hiatuses usually tend to be break-ups instead, but only time will tell). I must say I was not surprised at all when they announced this, but it was still sad. So, this felt like a good timing for me to write my top10 listing for this group.

The group is called Berryz Kobo, also known as Berryz Koubou and Berryz工房 in Japanese. It is a seven-piece (formerly eight-piece) Japanese girl group. The group is part of Hello! Project, which is a famous Japanese idol project (they have multiple girl groups and occasionally soloists). Berryz Kobo started to release music already back in 2004; Their debut single was released March 3, which was also the date for their last concert now 11 years later.

I personally came across their music around early 2011, I believe. And it did not take very long until I was totally hooked and they fast rose into the top spot on my favourite artists list. I think they have released only like one or two singles that I do not like and I also love their other songs. Their earlier songs are more of high-pitched and childish (very Japanese, eh?) and more recent ones more mature and serious. Which obviously makes perfect sense since they were only 9-12 (!!) years old when they debuted! I actually really like to watch artists evolve and grow up through music.

I could go on and on about the group, but I want to keep this introduction part short, so let's cut it here. I have picked my top10 favourite songs from them and I have to say this was not an easy task! Especially since my favourite tends to change along with my mood and life situations. But I think these are my overall ultimate favourites from them. I will try to keep the text parts fairly short, so that this post does not expand totally out of control.

(*current. This list may not be accurate as the time goes by.)

1. ヒロインになろうか! (Heroine Ni Narou Ka!), 2011

I tend to think that this is the very first Berryz Kobo song that I heard, but in fact this was the second one. I did not like that much of the first one I heard (which I later started loving), but with this I fell in love immediately. And to this day it has remained as my favourite song from Berryz Kobo; I love the music and the vocals; The song is catchy without being overly catchy and there is something dark and something happy in it. It is a perfect combination of all the things I love in a song.

2. もっとずっと一緒に居たかった (Motto Zutto Isshoni Itakatta), 2013

I have said it many times in this blog already, but here it is again: I do not usually like ballads much. This song on the other hand.. Well, I am not actually sure if this song is a ballad (as I suck with genres); Somehow this feels like a ballad and somehow it does not. The song title means I Wanted To Stay Together With You Longer, and as you can tell by that it is a sad song. I feel a lot of emotion in this song. It sounds very beautiful and also magical. And the music video adds to this feeling in all its simplicity; A night scenery always appeals to me.

3. ROCKエロティック (ROCK Erotic), 2013

This song was actually released as a double single with the previous song. For me this was a perfect double single: two amazing songs that were quite different from each other. I really love the sound of this song: it is catchy and mysterious. And a bit naughty. With the video, this was quite a change from their usual cute and innocent style. (Though this is nothing compared to so many other songs / music videos) Naughty or not, the song is brilliant.

4. 抱きしめて 抱きしめて (Dakishimete Dakishimete), 2009

I find this song highly catchy and it makes me want to dance, and I hate dancing. I always love this kind of dark disco sound. I feel something deep in this song too; Dakishimete means Hold Me and in my opinion the lyrics are kinda bittersweet.

5. 愛の弾丸 (Ai No Dangan), 2011

I always remember particularly well what was the song that was first released after I became a fan and the song holds a special place in my heart. I do not mean just Berryz Kobo, but this is the case with almost every artist I am a big fan of. In Berryz Kobo's case the song was Ai No Dangan. I really loved it when it was originally released and obviously I still love it. The song title translates into A Bullet Of Love and this definitely shot me with one of those. What I particularly love a lot is that they break the usual format of having solos during verses and singing as a group in chorus.

6. ジリリ キテル (Jiriru Kiteru), 2006

I feel kinda the same way about this song than about Dakishimete Dakishimete (number 4). It is catchy and dark. I do not know exactly why, but this song makes me feel emotional, and I am not an emotional person. I really feel this song deep in my bones. I think it is particularly the music that gives me the creeps and touches me. Well, whatever it is, this song seriously gets me.

7. 1億3千万総ダイエット王国 (1oku 3senman Sou Diet Oukoku), 2014

This is the most recent Berryz Kobo song that made it into my list (though two other songs just nearly missed). The song may sound like it is just some random nonsense and nothing deep, but I find the lyrics were meaningful. They sing about dieting and how everybody diets:

"All of Japan is always, always on a diet
Even the slimmer girls, always, always on a diet"
(lyrics: http://www.projecthello.com/berryz/diet.html)

So, there is a deeper message in this song and it is not just something crazy like it can at first (or after many listens) sound like. They sing about how our lives revolve so much around dieting, but what is most important in the end? At the last part of this song, they are singing, among other things, about wanting to do good things and finding their real selves. The lyrics actually give you something to think about.

8. 恋の呪縛 (Koi No Jubaku), 2004

This is the earliest song that made it into my list. It was actually released the year they debuted. I really love the music here; It sounds somewhat magical and it occasionally gives me the creeps, which in my opinion is a sign of a great song. The music already sounds sad, but the singing makes it more sad and emotional. I do not know if the lyrics are actually sad, but this is the feeling I get from this song. I am quite amazed that girls this young and this early in their careers can sing in a way that touches me.

9. WANT!, 2012

At first I must say that I really like this music video: the set is brilliant. The spinning room thingy, I mean. I find it a very cool idea. Besides the video, the song is really good. I like the lyrics; It is a song about having fallen in love with somebody recently. Even though lyrics-wise it is a very happy song, I find there is something dark in the music, which gives the song a nice contrast.

10. 雄叫びボーイWAO! (Otakebi Boy WAO!), 2010

It was so hard to choose the song for this spot. I had three opinions, but this song ended up taking the spot, for maybe two reason: firstly because I have a plan to feature the other two songs in other posts. And secondly because this song has a very special place in my heart: This was the first Berryz Kobo song that I ever heard! Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I did not originally like this song much. But at some point I really started loving this. The reason why I did not at first like this might have been that this song has that common Japanese silliness factor and it was too overwhelming back then when I was not use to it. Now I love silly Japanese songs and this song is not even that bad. I more of find this song strong and dramatic. Those "wao wao" parts are just a nice addition.

And that is that for the list.

Even though they will never read this, I am sending out a 'Thank You' for the girls, Tsunku (their producer) and other members of their production team for the eleven years of music! And a hope that I will get to hear more from them, separately or together.

[ps. My other blog post of this week will also be Berryz Kobo related, since it features a song that ended up on the shared 11th place on this top list. The post will be an Original & Covers post and the songs are very funny. In my opinion at least.]