19 March 2015

Eurovision Song Contest 2015: Collective first impressions + Top40

In the past weeks I have released my Eurovision Song Contest 2015 first impressions posts featuring my comments and ratings of the songs competing this year. You can read the first part here, the second part here, the third part here and the final part here. If you do not know what the Eurovision Song Contest is, you can read about it on i.e. Wikipedia.

I have mentioned that I am making my complete top-list after all the songs have been chosen and then right before the contest, for comparison. Now I am doing the first part of that. Like I mentioned in my previous post: I was originally going to feature this post as a part of that post, but it would have gotten just too long. So I am writing this separate post. I am also commenting on the songs that have been edited and how those edits have affected my points. If the edits do not affect my points, I'll just leave them out.

Wikipedia: Eurovision Song Contest 2015

I will start with the edits, in the order in which the songs were originally released:

F.Y.R. MACEDONIA: I think they edited this somehow else too than just changing it into English? I like having different languages in the contest, but I think this song sounds a lot better in English. Or maybe it is partly due to the other changes they did. I earlier found this just average, but not I actually like this. 5/10 -> 7/10 and I almost gave an 8.

BELARUS: I do not know what they exactly changed, but this sounds a lot better now. I originally wrote that I could be tortured with this song, since that is how mind-numbing I found it. Now that is gone. The song is still too repetitive for my liking, but its points went up a lot: 1/10 -> 4/10 and this might grow on me more. EDIT: Between the few days of writing this part and now while finishing this post I have actually started to like this song a lot more. Definitely a grower. 1/10 -> 4/10 -> 6/10.

ALBANIA: Well, this is actually a whole new song, but I am still commenting on it here. I seriously disliked the mess that was their first song. This new song is so much better. I am still not a huge fan of it, but it is decent. 0/10 -> 5/10 and this too could be a grower.

GEORGIA: I do not if it is thanks to the changes they did or if this song just grew on me, but I started to love this, instead of just liking. This might be the song I have listened to most so far. I think I am actually rising Georgia's points to the max: 8/10 -> 10/10. And so they just received my second full points of the year.

SWITZERLAND: This goes up by one point, though I do not believe they did any changes. It is just a grower. 6/10 -> 7/10.

SERBIA: I stated originally that I was worried this would get boring after few listens. Unfortunately, that is the case. I have not even listened this many times and already it has lose a point. Changing the language into English had a huge affect, in a negative way. I do not like the English lyrics and it sounded so much better in Serbia. 9/10 -> 8/10, so it still remains in my top10, but most likely not anymore in May.

MOLDOVA: Originally I said I really liked the music, but could not listen to the singer. Maybe it was because of the live version, but now listening to this I do not find his voice any bad. Quite the opposite. I really like this song now. It makes a huge leap in my list: 3/10 -> 8/10.

GERMANY: "Maybe this is a grower and with few more listens I start to like this even more?", is what I wrote in my previous review. It had already grow on my at that point from when it was chosen and now it has grown even more. 6/10 -> 7/10.

ROMANIA: This has gone up in my points. I have found more deepness from this, though they have not changed it music-wise. I am happy they kept it mostly Romanian since I prefer that version, but I also like that it is partly in English. Understanding the meaning of the song really adds feeling to it. 8/10 -> 9/10.

BELGIUM: This sounds now far less annoying than the first time I heard it. Nothing has been changed, but I find this now more interesting too. Maybe I just needed a bit time to get use to this type of music? 3/10 -> 5/10.

And both THE NETHERLANDS and ARMENIA go up one point 2/10 -> 3/10 to make them fit better on my overall list. I have not changed my mind on these songs, but they are slightly better than the others I gave a 2.

That was surprisingly many point changes already! Of the rest I still feel the same way and comments are readable in my first impressions posts.

Overall impression:
I am not a big fan of ballads, but if they have something special in them or they somehow else stand out from the crowd I might like them. Most of this year's ballads are just bland regular ballads, so I find them incredibly boring. I have compered this year to previous ones I have watched and this might be my least favourite year. There is some very good songs, but I doubt there will be many I am still listening after the competition.

Winner predictions? From what I have read on Eurovision fan forums, looking at the bets and years of experience, I would say the winner is either Estonia, Sweden or Italy. Personally I of course hope for Estonia since it is my favourite, but I think that a ballad probably will not win this year. Norway and Slovenia also seem popular. I kinda would like to see Slovenia win because it is a smaller country without any wins and it usually does not have success in the Eurovision. Usually there is one top winner candidate, but this year there is not, so there could also be a surprise victory coming up in May.

And finally, here is the complete list. Let's see how it changes before May.
I have tried to adapt the points to the overall quality of this year's songs. So, they are not compatible with other years, but rather with each other. This is just how I usually like to do it, since it gives out a better overall impression of the current year.


01. Estonia
02. Georgia
03. United Kingdom
04. Spain
05. Latvia
06. Romania
07. Israel
08. Iceland
09. Azerbaijan
10. Serbia
11. Moldova
12. Australia
13. Poland
14. Macedonia
15. San Marino
16. Switzerland
17. Germany
18. Russia
19. Slovenia
20. Sweden
21. Italy
22. Lithuania
23. Belarus
24. Belgium
25. Montenegro
26. Albania
27. Portugal
28. Cyprus
29. Ireland
30. Hungary
31. France
32. Malta
33. Armenia
34. Netherlands
35. Norway
36. Greece
37. Czech Republic
38. Denmark
39. Austria
40. Finland

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 semi-finals will take place in 19 May and 21 May, and the final in 23 May.

[I usually do not want to write negative things about songs, but reviewing Eurovision songs sorta requires that. I still try to keep my comments fairly nice. These are just my opinions and I am not a professional: I am just a major consumer of music and a longterm fan of Eurovision Song Contest.]

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