28 April 2015

History Of Music series introduction

In my Blog plans 2015 post I mentioned I had an idea for a new interesting post series, which I would be starting sometime during March or April. Well, since it is now late April already, the time has come to start up this new series of post. And as you can tell from the title, it is going to be about the history of music.

I have always loved history and music is my biggest passion. So, of course I absolutely love when these two come together. I am always fascinated by all things related to the history of music. When I found out that there was a music history course in my high school, I obviously decided to take that course. From that I got the idea to feature music history in my blog, since I have been passionate about the subject since I can remember.

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In this series I want to write about interesting and meaningful things considering music history, around the world of course. This could mean posts about composers, music genres, bands, instruments, styles from different centuries, national music and habits of different cultures, et cetera, et cetera... I am also interested on connections, like how to music of the past, affects to current music. Since my blog is not just about the modern music, though that plays the biggest part, I think this theme will fit perfectly into this blog.

In a recent blog post I mentioned I wanted to feature geography somehow in my blog. I have not certainly figured out how I want to do that, but history is along the same line: I want my blog consists of some knowledge too, rather than just commenting on random songs. I am not an expert in music history and most of the stuff will come out of internet sources. My goal is to pack a nice batch of interesting information on a short, compact package.

I do not want these blog posts to be long (since that would also load me with lots of work) as that would most likely make things boring. I try to keep dryness out of my posts and keep things fun and interesting. I do not know how that will go, but I am going to try.

Though mostly, I think but who knows how it will turn out, this series will be about history than featuring music. This is mainly because it is fairly hard to find music to represent all the posts. Like, since there is no actual recordings of ie. renaissance composers' music, I would have to make hard decisions of what kind of performances of the compositions I would feature. I will of course feature music in each post (I plan to at least), but maybe not that many. This will also help on keeping the posts short enough.

Of course one major question is that what I consider as history? How old a song / performer / theme must be in order to be considered fitting for this series? I already have my 1980s music series, and also some 1990s and 1970s posts planned. My normal blog posts usually feature music from 2000s and 2010s, with few late-90s songs. I think around the 1960s could be some sort of a line, but I think I prefer older than that. I am not going to set myself any formal limitations and rather go with the flow, but I could call the 1960s a guideline.

As it is with my other series posts, I am not going to blog about the history of music too often. I want to keep thing varying and not focus on the same subject too much. I have two posts coming up soon, but after that I will go to less often posting speed. Maybe at as less as with my other series, but maybe once in a month or two, could be good.

I am taking in all suggestions, wishes and comments about this series.

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