21 April 2015

The lack of male artists in this blog

Today's post is a collection of my thoughts and some random ranting about a subject. I have been denoting this matter for years, long before my blog, but the subject really stands out when looking at my blog posts. Like to title says, there is sort of a lack of male artists in my blog. I try to keep this post short so that it is readable and it shall serve as a reference post if anybody ever asks about this.

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I do not know how noticeable this matter actually is; Maybe even not so much unless somebody reads all my posts. I myself have noticed this and it sort of bothers me. On statistics, I actually started to keep a track of the genders of the artists I feature in this blog, but honestly I completely forgot about it soon after. In my early posts there was twice as many female singers than male singers, plus some mixed groups and such. Now looking at the list of the songs I have featured in this blog, it is heavily female-dominated.

I am not exactly sure why this bothers me so much. Probably because I want to have variety in my blog posts and share all kinds of artists. I sort of feel that I need to have more male singers featured. Then again this is my blog and I am allowed to write about exactly of those artists that I want. So I should not take any stress about this; It is just my preference that I would have as much variety as possibly, since this blog is not dedicated to certain type of music (quite the opposite actually).

Then why do I not have more male singers featured in my blog? Well, that is kind of a silly question since the answer is fairly simple and obvious: I do not like so many male singers. But why this is, is a more interesting question. This obviously comes down to personal preference again, but is still got me pondering...

I have always been listening to more female singers and girl groups (I have made already quite few mentions in this blog that I am a girl group fanatic), even as a child. If I start to name singers and groups I listened as a child, the female list would be seemingly endless and I would have hard time naming few male ones. Maybe it is that for a child it is easier to listen to the same gender as the opposite seems cross. Though honestly I do not remember ever having that common "ew, boys are cross" attitude as a child. And I know that many little girls are obsessed with boy groups, so this theory is not that good.

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If thinking it gender-wise then maybe I just find it easier to identify with songs sung by females (as a female myself)? I have also noticed that I find male vocals less likable. I do not know if this is a gender thing or is it just that female vocals sound better to my ear. I could listen to a same song sung by female singer and a male singer, and I bet I would like the version by the woman more. I find it harder to listen to a male voice. I do not know if this comes down to empathize matter or maybe some brain function. I wonder, is there a some brain function that makes different kind of voices more pleasuring to a person than other? I would go guessing that the answer is yes.

Let's still make one thing clear: I am not anyhow bashing male singers, this is just my opinion and bonderings. I do like many male singers and I have some favourite male artists (even though most of my ultimate favourites are females). I have often wondered why I like some male singers when some others with similar voices sound bad to me. Maybe it is in the singing styles, though I have not noticed this. I notice more similarities in my favourite female singers, though they range very wide and it is hard to make actual generalizations.

Well, I think that is about it. This kind of thinking is kind of purposeless, but I always find stuff like this interesting. I am seriously starting to think this all comes down to some brain functions that are too complicated for a layman to understand. It would still be interesting to know more about how this kind of preferences are affected by our brains.

I am most likely just making this into a bigger issue than it is. I still am going to try and feature more male acts on this blog. I already have found some new male singers / groups I like (though I find like ten new female artists for every male artist). In my next post I will try to even out the situation even if just a bit. I hope this post made even a little sense.

If anybody reading this has some thoughts on this matter I would happily hear about them.

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