10 April 2015

What is going on with this blog

My blog has been more quiet recently and totally silent for the past three weeks. During the early March I had to read hard for my finals so my most recent post are mostly Eurovision posts and others that were mostly time-bound and I wanted to post them specifically then. I mostly wrote on parts so they really did not bother my reading, as I also find writing a good way of relaxing. But other than that I have been too busy and too unwell to blog.

During the finals reading spree this blog got quieter and after it I have not been able to blog. Thanks to the finals, I had fallen behind a lot on my other school work, so the other half of March I spend catching up, which was very time- and energy-consuming. To the top of that, I was also to move to the other side of the country at the end of March (I actually did the last exam on the moving day), so I had to also pack up my things. Besides being very busy, I have also been very sick since from last autumn, but more worse lately. I am not going to bore anyone here with more details, but in my other blog I will talk more about this matter too.

Considering all the things I mentioned, I have just been too tired to blog, so I have not forced it. And I decided to take a short break from this blog. I have now moved and basically done with the school. The moving also really consumed my energy (thanks to being sick), so I have been mostly resting the past days. But now I want to get back on track with my blogs.


Now that I do not have so much school stuff going on (just one extra high school course and preparation for the university entrance examination), I have more time for my blog than I had before. I am going to be doing the things I mentioned in my Blog plans 2015 post, like actually start promoting this blog. Also, I really want that new look.

A new idea that I have been recently thinking, is that I would like to involve geography in my blog. After all, the name features Around The World, so I feel that more culture and other things should be feature. Or at least I would like the feature those, since geography is one of my biggest passions. I just do not know exactly how to involve geography in my posts, especially so that it does not load me with a lot of work. I still need to think of this and all ideas are always welcome.

Well, I think that is all that I wanted to write. This is just a short post to explain why the blog has been quiet for three weeks, and what I have planned. Tomorrow I will start to seriously work on my blogs and hopefully have regular posts up soon.

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