19 May 2015

Eurovision Song Contest 2015: My final top40

The first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is about to start, so my blog is starting its Eurovision week celebration. This week's posts will be somehow related to Eurovision, though not particularly about the Eurovision itself besides from this current post.

This post is the final part of my this year's Eurovision ranking posts. Here are the previous parts aka. the first impressions posts: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. In those posts I comment on each participant separately. Also in those posts I said I would do my final top list just before the contest to see how my rankings have changed in this time between. This is now it.

I have not looked at my previous rankings since I posted them two months ago, so I do not remember how exactly I rated each song. I will do this new list without any influence from the previous one, to get a honest list. I know there are few changes to come since I have since then really fell in love with some songs that I just thought were good back then and the opposite too. So let's see how it goes:


01. Estonia  (-)
02. Georgia  (-)
03. Romania  (+3)
04. Spain  (-)
05. Latvia  (-)
06. Poland  (+7)
07. F.Y.R. Macedonia  (+7)
08. Germany  (+9)
09. United Kingdom  (-6)
10. Moldova  (+1)
11. Australia  (+1)
12. San Marino  (+3)
13. Israel  (-6)
14. Iceland  (-6)
15. Belarus  (+8)
16. Serbia  (-6)
17. Switzerland  (-1)
18. Lithuania  (+4)
19. Russia  (-1)
20. Azerbaijan  (-11)
21. Belgium  (+3)
22. Sweden  (-2)
23. Albania  (+3)
24. Italy  (-3)
25. Slovenia  (-6)
26. Portugal  (+1)
27. Cyprus  (+1)
28. Malta  (+4)
29. Ireland  (-)
30. Hungary  (-)
31. Montenegro  (-6)
32. The Netherlands  (+2)
33. Armenia  (-)
34. Denmark  (+4)
35. Norway  (-)
36. Czech Republic  (+1)
37. France  (-6)
38. Greece  (-2)
39. Austria  (-)
40. Finland  (-)

In the brackets I marked how much their positions have changed from my list two months ago.

There were few surprises here. Most I am surprised about that the biggest changes happened at the top; I was expecting more changes at the bottom since that is how it usually goes. Azerbaijan made the biggest drop, dropping from place 9 all the way to 20. Germany made the opposite, jumping from place 17 to 8. For Germany I expected this since I have recently become very fond of this song.

Same goes for Romania and Poland, with whom I have really fallen in love with and listen to A LOT. Romania could be my most listened Eurovision song this year. Macedonia's case is pretty much the same. I am a bit surprised with United Kingdom's drop on the list, since I am still in love with it (pun perhaps intended). Overall I think I have started to like more of most of the songs competing.

Winner predictions? I think my predictions have remained the same. This is what I wrote two months ago: "From what I have read on Eurovision fan forums, looking at the bets and years of experience, I would say the winner is either Estonia, Sweden or Italy." Though I am well prepared to be surprised, since this year there is not such a clear winner candidate as usually. Slovenia, Australia, Norway, Belgium... There are many countries that could be the surprise winner. I of course hope for Estonia since it is my favourite, but I would also be extremely happy if any country from my top10 would win.

And to the end, here is my favourite: Elina Born and Stig Rästa representing Estonia with Goodbye To Yesterday.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 semi-finals will take place in 19 May and 21 May, and the final in 23 May. They all can be viewed free online at the official Eurovision site eurovision.tv.

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