28 May 2015

Musicals series introduction

It is the time to start off a brand new series in my blog and it is about one of my favourite subjects: musicals! Actually this was one of the very first ideas I wrote down into my blog plans notebook. I think I originally meant that I would write just one post or perhaps two parted post about musicals, but this subject is just way too wide to fit into one or two parts.

Instead of just writing short paragraphs about each musical, it feels better idea to really focus into one musical at once and give it its own blog post. You can not really put all the things that there are to say about a musical into few sentences. Or at least that is how it feels like to a musical fan like me. And it would be awfully hard to choose just one song to represent the entire musical.

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One of these will be the first musical featured in this series. Can you guess which one?

I have not seen many musicals live; actually all I can remember is that I saw Mamma Mia! live about six to seven years ago. I do not think I have seen others live. That is very unfortunate, but the prices of tickets here in Finland are very expensive and they do no fit into a student budget. Plus they do not perform much musicals here anyway and when they do they translate the lyrics into Finnish, which I absolutely hate. Translating lyrics directly into another language is always a bad idea, with musical it is an especially bad idea since the lyrics give so much to the story and usually contain jokes/puns that can not be translated (I absolutely hate The Sound Of Music songs' Finnish translations, yuck! Luckily the Mamma Mia! show I saw was by a foreign touring group that performed in English).

Hopefully I will eventually get to see more musicals live, but so far my knowledge on and being a fan of musicals is based on movies. To be honest I am not that much of a movie fan (I prefer TV series), but musicals I love. I suppose my love for musicals started from all the Disney movies I watched as a child (there is yet another great blog post idea). I know that you can not really put the proper feel of a musical into a movie, but they can still be very good movies.

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I would love to see a musical at Broadway or West End!

I am still not entirely sure how this series will turn out to be (these things tend to evolve along with the time), but I plan to talk about why I like the musical, what is the storyline (trying to avoid too many spoilers is the way to go, I suppose) and of course the music. I think this series will turn out a bit similar to my History Of Music series: In the text I talk about the subject and within the post I will feature my favourite songs from it. But we will see!

I was actually not planning on writing an introduction post for this series and rather just start with the first musical (which is obviously going to be my favourite musical, and one of my favourite movies, of all time), but I seem to have had a lot to say about the series itself. Better just leave this post as an introduction and not continue with the first musical since this post would get way too long. (Plus I am a bit sick now and do not feel I could write a post that would make proper honour to the musical in question.) I have a spot scheduled for the first actual musical post soonish!

All recommendations about musicals to watch are highly appreciated!

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