26 June 2015

Opinion: Sex in music videos

Couple weeks ago I noticed that my blog post count had hit sixties. This obviously meant that the post number 69 was closing by and for any self-respecting bawdy-minded person this of course meant that there should be some sort of special post to commemorate this occasion, haha! The more innocent minds can just ignore this introduction and consider this just a regular post. ;) Okay, I am not sure if I am honestly dirty-minded enough to pull off that introduction, but this still felt like an occasion not to pass.

As an interesting coincidence, I had scheduled a text post (my opinions, blog related post, etc.) for the 69th position (no pun intended, I swear!). The post I had planned was not naughty a bit, so I checked if I had in my notebook some opinion post or something that could fit the theme. And of course there was: Sex in music videos.

I seriously tried to look for more photos to feature within this post, but from this subject it was too hard to find anything I would actually like to have in my blog. So let's just keep it nice and clean here!

This obviously is a subject that really can not be avoided, unless if you do not watch music videos at all. And as a music blogger and huge music video fan (I almost wish to make a career as a music video director), I of course must blog about this subject. In this post I refer mostly to the western music videos, though the trend does not limit to the western world.

I want to now remind that this is just my personal opinions and observations. They are not meant to insult anybody!

So, what is my overall opinion on the current way of having lots of sex and sexuality on music videos? By default I do not like this trend. Like I said, I am a huge fan of music videos and when I watch them, I am very interested on the techniques used and so forth. I suppose that makes me a bit less traditional music video watcher. I like my music videos to have stories and overall I think it is better to have even a bad storyline than no story. Though I also like some stylish videos, that really do not have stories in them, but have been done very well.

To put it simple: If I want to watch music videos, I will watch music videos. If I want to watch porn, I will watch porn. I feel it is unfortunate that so many music videos nowdays fall into the latter category. I am not interested on watching some random chicks shake their asses in every other music video that I come across. Even more unfortunately, I more and more often just listen to the music and skip the videos, since they so often are just the same with lots of cleavage and ass shaking; It has gotten boring a long time ago and nothing original. For a music video lover this is such a shame.

From this point onward, there is a chance that somebody will find what I will say insulting, but like I said, that is not my intention. This is how I feel and I have noticed many other people commenting similar things. Actually I am wondering what types of people prefer sexual music videos over more creative ones? If you belong this group, please comment and tell me why. Is there some deeper reason or is it just perversity?

Honestly, I feel it is a bit, or a bit more, cheap to make music videos that are about sex, sex and sex. It is like they did not put any creativeness or money into it. How did the creative meeting for these kind of music videos go... "Let's have five girls twerking and the singer singing in front of some monotonic backdrop?" "That is brilliant! Okay, we are done here, let's go buy sandwiches or something." ? Sometimes they even decide to go to beach or boat or somewhere to make it more "interesting"! (On a side note, I have never used the word 'twerk' before, so I hope I used in the right way!)

And it is just not the music videos that are all about sex; Even other music videos, those with stories and more creativeness, have at least the singer with her cleavage so wide that she could just be naked and nobody would notice difference. Mostly this refers to women, but I have noticed it is even more and more common for men too to jump around half-naked in the music videos.

I suppose one main question is, does music videos like this make people buy the song more often? Sure, nudity brings more viewers to the videos on YouTube, but does it make much more profit to the artist/band? For me it is so, that even if I absolutely loved the music video, I would not even consider buying the song if it was bad; Why would somebody buy a bad song, or even an average song, just because its music video is raunchy?

I can not think of any other reason for doing such music videos than attention and the want to make money by it. But other thing I wonder is that when almost every other music video features nudity or sexual content, does it even make a music video to stand out from the crowd anymore? When so many music videos mainly focus on showing dirty dance moves and such, doesn't a stylish, story-telling music video stand out when the dirty ones blend together into one continuity? At least for me it does so.

Do not get me wrong now: I do like many songs that have questionable music videos and sometimes I even enjoy the videos (if they have an actual storyline, that is). But I have also noticed that less clothes equals to lesser quality of the song. Not always, but quite often. The more creative and farther away from mainstream the songs get, more clothes the people on the videos wear and more creative the videos are. I have seen some highly creative videos that have obviously been done with tiny budget, compared to high budget videos containing mainly some dancing and the singer in front of a simple backdrop. Sometimes I feel like the purpose of doing dirty music videos is to hide to bad quality of the song itself and I know many others agree with me on this.

Some advocacy I have seen on having sexual content in the music videos is that it shows artist's freedom to whatever she (mostly it is she) wants. And also that it shows her strong self-confidence. Is it really freedom? For me it seems that artists are forced to go nude to gain attention. It is more like they have no choice and I bet that the most pressure comes from their record labels, since to me it seems common music video viewers are quite tired of these kind of videos. Self-confidence? More like lack of it; A person with good self-confidence does not need the attention and the compliments she/he gets from dancing around half-naked.

So overall, I see making music videos that have sex content a way of trying to make money and something that is almost a requirement to "make it big" in the music industry. Though luckily it seems that the trend is slowly fading away, I at least hope so. Nudity in music videos comes out always as cheap to me. To me it also decreases the value of the song if the video is so vulgar, so it is one more reason why I like to skip the music videos.

I am still not completely against sexual content in the videos; Sometimes they can bring something in the storyline and be well produced. Twerking around in underwear does not belong to this category. I have also avoided using the word 'sexy' in this blog post, since nudity does not equal sexy. I have seen tons of music videos were the singer(s) is fully dressed and yet still very sexy. Even sexy dance moves look so much better with clothes since they come off as sensual rather than obscene.

I guess I just do not understand, or like, this trend. Particularly from the viewers' point of view.
If you are a fan of some artist, would you rather them not to have sexual music videos or do you not mind them or actually like them? I would love to hear people's opinions on this matter, for and against! Especially for since I can not understand why it is supposedly so great to have sex-content filled music videos.

Sorry, if this post came out as rambling or unclear. I had to actually put writing this on a pause for couple of days, since it started to become messy and repeating. Too much to say all at once, I suppose!

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